Christmas Party Make Up

Christmas time is usually a time where you find yourself a little more busy than normal. Of course this is definitely true if you’re a YouTuber taking part in vlogmas (erm who’s idea was that?) but with all the Christmas parties and dinners, you can find your social calendar getting pretty full. If you’ve got a Christmas work do, or party to attend this year, then I have your back as today, I’m going to talk through some of my Christmas make up essentials (spoiler alert it includes a lot of glitter and berry lips.)

First things first, if you’re rushing home after work, or wanting to freshen up your look, then I always take off my makeup super quickly with the Simple Micellar Water Wipes, I think this is my third or maybe even fourth packet of the wipes, as I genuinely love them. They are so easy for taking off all your make up if you’re in a rush to get ready, or if you need to freshen up your look – say for example tidying up eye make up, or lipstick. They are really hydrating to the skin thanks to their triple purified water ingredient which is perfect for dehydrated skin, which is especially common at this time of year thanks to factors such as central heating, late nights, and forgetting skincare routines. But you don’t have to worry about your skin becoming sensitive, and they’re the perfect product for taking make up off in the easiest and most convenient way. After I’ve taken off my makeup, I always add some moisturiser in the form of the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser which again is perfect for sensitive skin, as it adds moisture without breaking you out or making your skin too oily.

Once my face is clean and moisturised, I tend to go in with some primer to keep my make up lasting as long as possible, especially if I am heading to a party as I want my make up to last all night if possible. My favourite is the Gosh Prime n Set powder which does a great job of keeping any oiliness at bay.

Then for foundation, my current fave is the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation which gives you a lovely satiny flawless finish, I tend to have to conceal any blemishes with the NYX High Coverage concealer and use a bit of their Dark Circle corrector concealer to cover any eye bags (perfect for the morning after look when you’ve been partying!)

Bronzer wise, I usually head to Too Faced and use one of their matte bronzers which gives me a sunkissed look, blush wise, I’ve been using Benefit’s Dallas Blush for a winter look, it’s a matte brown/mauve colour which can be used as a bit of a contour and looks great paired with a dark lip. Highlighter has to be pretty intense at this time of the year, a new life motto is ‘if your highlighter can’t be seen from space, then you’re not wearing enough’ I loovee Becca’s Champagne Pop highlighter, for a warm peachy glow. I probably do put on enough to be seen from space so there’s that.

Eyes wise, I always, always go for a brown smokey eye, so why break the habit of a lifetime? I love the Full Exposure palette from Smashbox which I picked up from NYC, it has a mixture of matte and glitter shades which is perfect for the time of the year. I use a medium brown over my lid and through the crease to create a smokey eye, and then go in with a glitter liner, or shadow like this one from ELF to really add some festiveness to my smokey eye. I love putting on glitter for Christmas, and I think a glitter smokey eye is perfect for Christmas parties.

After applying liner, mascara, and then of course lashes, I tend to tidy my brows into some sort of suitable appearance (and avoid looking too much like Charlie form Busted) then I finish off with lips. My Christmas berry lip of choice is from NYX, in the form of their matte lip cream in the colour Copenhagen. A deep berry wine, it looks amazing with a gold eye, and is actually surprisingly easy to apply. I mean if I can do it, you can. I tend to set my make up with a setting spray and that is usually my go to Christmas party look.

Hair wise, as usual, my rule of the bigger the better, and usually dress wise is something black. Standard. But this is my go to party look right now, and I might have to start finding a few more parties to go too as an excuse to get out the glitter and the NYX lip cream more often!

You can also see my video here of the look too 🙂

What’s your go to party look?

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