Things To Do This December/Christmas.

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I won’t lie to you, I am writing this in November. Yes, I know, I know it’s now December but this is to be prepared so that when I’m moving house, everything can go as stress free as possible and well I am so exited to write this post, that I couldn’t wait any longer, even though it is only November right now. Whoops!

Please tell me, I am not the only adult around here who is so excited about Christmas, I don’t even know why cause I’m cooking dinner for like eight people (omg) and Christmas shopping is always that little bit stressful. Plus moving too, but yeah I’m so excited and I currently have a Christmas film playing on a channel called Christmas 24 (if you have it and you love slightly crap Christmas films you need to watch it) and I’m about to probably spend £20 on fairy lights, so I can officially have a Santa’s Grotto.

So now that December is officially here, let’s talk about the best things to do this month. Whether you need to get into some Christmas spirit or you are like a cloned Buddy the Elf, I hope you enjoy these suggestions!!

  • Decorate the house ; Christmas tree, put on all the baubles, hang up all the fairy lights and maybe even buy a pen that writes on your window like snow and then washes off. Maybe? Too far? 
  • Buy a dodgy Christmas jumper for Christmas day/nearer the time. 
  • Visit a Christmas Market – this year I want to visit the Birmingham one as I’ve not been in a while and possibly Manchester too if there’s time? 
  • Buy all the Christmas food- you know the stuff you don’t buy at any other time of the year. Baked Camembert, crackers, nuts, crisps, chocolates, pigs in blankets, stuffing, after eights and well everything else. 
  • Buy a tub of Quality Street/Roses/Celebrations and make sure you pick out all your faves (mine are the fruit cremes which are also Henry’s so that’s always a fight of who gets to eat them first) 
  • Watch your favourite Christmas films; for me that’s ELF, Home Alone, Love Actually, and The Holiday.
  • Watch crappy dodgy Christmas Films that are on channel 5 in the afternoon or on the Christmas channel, my picks? Hitched For The Holidays, Hats Off To Christmas and Naughty Or Nice- yes that’s right I even have fave dodgy Christmas films haha. 
  • Buy a bottle of Baileys and then add it into hot chocolate – ohhh yeah. 
  • Visit a department store and pretend you’re one of the kids from ‘The Best Store In The World.’ 
  • Listen to a Christmas playlist on Spotfy- what’s your favourite Christmas song? Mine is All I want for Christmas is you or Last Christmas! 
  • Do some Christmas Baking- this year I want to bake Christmas cookies, or if you’re a bit better with your hands you could do a gingerbread house or something. 
  • Have snuggly duvet days, cause if you can’t do that in December then when can you? 
  • Go Christmas shopping but take a list so you don’t get stressed!
  • Buy at least one Christmas scented candle. 
  • Make time for your loved ones- drinks, dinner, etc… go have a catch up 🙂

What’s your must do’s for December?