Things We All Did At Christmas As Kids.

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Ah Christmas, it was a pretty magical as a child right? I’ll never forget the excitement of Santa delivering presents, the atmosphere at school, and all the chocolate. I was thinking about what Christmas was like when I was younger, and then started laughing about all the stuff that you did when you were younger. So here is a nostalgic list, probably best suited for people who grew up in the 90s but yep, I hope you enjoy!

  • Circling the Argos catalogue for presents that you wanted. 
  • Choosing your advent calendar and then regretting not buying the Cadbury’s one. Stupid cheap chocolate
  • Giving cards to your friends at school and feeling personally victimised if you didn’t get a card back.

  • The awkward moment when you get an unexpected Christmas present and then your Mum has to make up a make shift one from stuff in the bathroom, for you to give to them the next day. ‘Mum I can’t help that I’m so popular.’ 
  • Having to pose for the family Christmas card. (Yes this was an actual card we sent out one year, I’ve cropped out my sister so she doesn’t kill me ha) 

  • How the last day at school, before the Christmas holidays was the best day ever. 
  • When your mum and dad tried to persuade you that the Santa in the shopping centre was the real Santa.
  • Asking your mum 1010 questions about how Santa exactly got in the house when you didn’t have a chimney.
  • Watching Home Alone and genuinely worrying the same thing would happen to you. 
  •  Fighting with your siblings about who got to put the angel/star on top of the tree.
  • The school Christmas disco meant one thing, more glitter than usual.
  • Always wanting to be Mary at the nativity but you were always picked to be an angel or a wise man. 
  • going to the panto with school and being a bad ass by shouting ‘it’s not behind you.’ 
  • Waking up about 388374 times through the night on Christmas eve. 
  • Then waking up at 5:30am to be told it was ‘too early.’ (Though my Mum got more excited than us and one year woke us all up at 6am by hoovering hahah!) 
  • The sassy feeling of wearing your brand new Christmas day outfit from Tammy girl. 
  • Getting annoyed when the Christmas dinner was always served at the same time as the Christmas TOTP special was on. GOD MUM. 
  • Refusing to wear your hat from your cracker cause you were too much of a fashionista for that.
  • Hiding your Brussels sprouts that you had to have with your dinner. ‘Just eat one?’ ‘Mum it’s Jesus’s birthday, come on.’
  • When you were allowed a glass of bucks fizz with your Christmas dinner, and god you felt wild. ‘I legit think I am drunk right now.’ 
  • Having to get your Dad to break open your Terry’s Chocolate Orange for you, and having to hear him say 193738 times ‘It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine!’ ‘Dad just give me back my chocolate orange!’ 
  • Receiving a Furby and after about an hour realising how annoying it was. 
  • The feeling of waking up on Boxing Day and thinking ‘ I HAVE LOTS OF NEW TOYS TO PLAY WITH!’ 

What’s one thing you did as a child at Christmas?