Winter/Christmas Date Night Ideas

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I honestly think that winter and Christmas time is the best time for date nights. Whether you’re starting to see someone, or have been in a relationship for a while, I feel there is a lot more options for dates than any other time of the year. Also unlike summer, you don’t have to worry about being all sweaty, or oily, or faffing a wasp away from your romantic picnic. Though let’s be honest does anyone actually do that?

With us moving back to our hometown, it means that fingers crossed we’ll have a few family members who will be able to dog sit Frank for us, so Henry and I can actually go on date nights and days, as that’s something right now that we don’t really do. I asked on Twitter what Christmas blog posts you would like to see, and Ash & Kel suggested a date night idea post, and I thought why not? I’ve never done anything like this before, and thought it might be a good way to spark some inspiration for winter date nights.

  • Visit Christmas Markets: scope out your local Christmas market and go for a look round. Go at night so you can see the lights, have a crepe, and a hot chocolate/mulled wine and enjoy looking at the slightly tacky things on sale.
  • Snuggly Movie Nights: Cold winter nights are perfect for date nights. Grab a couple of Christmas films, have some hot chocolate with all the trimmings or wine depending how old your inner child is, and have some tasty snacks. I always find, I’m most content and happy with a movie night with Henry (and Frank) so this is my ideal 🙂 
  • Ice Skating: Come December there seems to be a whole array of outdoor ice rinks pop up, personally I am god awful at ice skating, I mean I can barely walk never mind skate! But I can imagine it would be romantic, holding hands, and it would break the ice, quite literally. 
  • Winter Wonderland: If you’re planning a visit to London in December, I’d recommend going for a look round Winter Wonderland. It’s a little tacky and touristy, but its very christmassy and it’s nice to walk round. There;s also rides, that would be fun to go on and loads of places to have a snack or drink. 
  • The Cinema: usually around Christmas time is when big blockbusters come out, or even a new Christmas film. You may even have an old school cinema that shows Christmas classics, take a night out to the cinema, and buy all the snacks. We need to make time to go see The Hunger Games. 
  • Finding Christmas Lights: Where we live, there are a few houses dotted about that are covered in Christmas lights, maybe go take a drive to go visit them, you’ll have a fun road trip with Christmas songs and then ooh and ahh at the lights. It’s always a nice thing to do that doesn’t cost very much and gets you out of the house. 
  • No Internet Date Nights: go old school, and put your phones/laptops away and have an internet free date night. Build a fort in the living room with pillows and duvets and fairy lights and grab all your favourite snacks. Spend some time with just each other without technology. 
  • Have a City Break: Most cities at Christmas time are lovely, last year Henry and I booked a couple of nights in London to do some work stuff, but also made sure we had a day and night for our time. We booked a nice hotel which didn’t even cost that much but had a TV in the bathroom, and we went to Winter Wonderland then went Christmas shopping the next day. It was a really lovely trip that we both really enjoyed. Find your local city with a Christmas market, and book a night away or two. 

What’s your favourite date night idea? I am all for snuggly cosy nights watching Christmas films!!