Tips For Moving House

Moving house is listed as one of the most stressful things that you can do. It’s up there with death & divorce so that’s nice and cheery isn’t it? Nah joking aside, it is a stressful thing to do, but seriously our move back up north at the end of November wasn’t half as stressful as I imagined it to be. I mean don’t get me wrong there were a few days on the last week that I was tearing my hair out and on the verge of tears, buttttt I didn’t want to completely break down and announce we were never moving house AGAIN.

You see the thing is, I think the main reason why things weren’t as stressful as other house moves were because I was organised. I am totally going to take the organisational crown here (soz Hen) but I think because I’d made myself be organised and created several lists, it meant the actual moving went as smooth as it possibly could. I thought because I am a typical blogger, you can create anything into a blog post, and well if you’re thinking of moving house soon, hopefully this may help and make your life a lot easier and hopefully save you having a break down and throwing the packing tape at someone. ( I can confirm that I have never actually done this- just in case you were wondering)

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time: Okay so I know sometimes that house moves can happen very quickly, buttt if you can try and give yourself as much time as you can. For example, we decided about 12 weeks before we moved, that we were moving. This meant I had 12 weeks to basically get our shit together. I haven’t lived in a house we’ve bought before, so I have no idea how that works, but we do have friends who have been waiting for weeks about knowing when they’re moving to then be told they’re moving house the next weekend. Typically in a rented house you have to give four weeks notice, but I’d tell your landlord as soon as you can. That way they can hopefully get someone signed up to rent out your place before you have to think about the chaos of packing and what not. We gave our landlord about 10 weeks notice and he had someone lined up to move in within a week meaning that we didn’t need to worry about the house looking a mess once we started packing stuff away.

Start Packing Early: Here we go, fun sucker alert… but honestly starting packing early will save you SO much stress. As soon as you know you’re moving, start gathering boxes and tape and markers. Staples is great for tape and markers, we were allowed to take boxes from Henry’s work, so ask around if anyone has any you can have rather than buy them. I then packed away any non essential bits into boxes and bubble wrap bit by bit. We also had a few clear outs of our wardrobe and kitchen to make sure we weren’t taking stuff with us that we didn’t need. Every weekend I spent a few hours with some music blaring or in front of a film packing, I actually found it not too bad? Doing bit by bit will just make it a lot easier to when it comes to moving day. Also big, big tip is to label every single box for what’s in the box and what room it’s for. You will seriously thank yourself when it comes to unpacking.

Pack Efficiently: If you’re taking down furniture buy little tubs to put the screws in for each part of furniture and label what it’s for, tape wires together, and just label everything. Pack sensibly, don’t make boxes too heavy (though everyone laughed that whenever I labelled a box heavy, it wasn’t actually that heavy.) I’d also recommend to keep out a bag/case for you for your essentials when moving. I saw this on Abby’s post and thought this was very helpful, then you know that you won’t pack away important things that you need.

Make A List Of Who To Contact: One thing you always forget is all the people who you have to contact when you move house; I’ve made a little bullet point list down below of people who you have to let know about your new address. Some places wont need to know till you’ve moved house, but have a list handy to cross of each company;

  • Electricity/ Gas (remember to take a final meter reading when you leave to send to them for your final bill) 
  • Water (same as above) 
  • Council Tax 
  • Broadband/TV 
  • TV License 
  • House Insurance 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Car Insurance 
  • Bank 
  • Driving License 
  • Your Work 
  • Arrange Re-direction of post (worth doing if you have a lot of post) 

Think About Pets: We’d never moved with Frank before so we had no idea what he would be like. We did know though that he would be a bit of a nightmare with when it actually came to loading up the moving van. So we thought ahead and booked him into the kennels for a night. It just meant that we could relax knowing he was being looked after, and we weren’t worrying about him getting out when the gate was open, or him getting anxious because we were moving everything around. You could also look up getting a plug in for nervous pets, or ask your vet. We made sure that we tried to make Frank feel as reassured as possible by having all his bedding and favourite toys with him, we rewarded him with treats and put on classical music whenever we went out and thankfully he settled in quite well to his new house. 

Take Photos Of Everything: One tip I would say if you’re moving from rented accommodation is to try and arrange your check out inspection to be done with you there. I speak from the experience of our first flat where it happened after we’d moved out and we were hit with a very steep bill for silly things like a red felt tip on the phone (we’d never had a red felt tip in the flat) I protested the fees and won eventually, but to save the hassle and try to get it done when you’re there. IF you can’t for some reason attend or it can’t be done, take pictures of everything, so that if they do pick up on something, you have evidence. After all you want your deposit back, and usually the landlord wants you to get it back too. 

Don’t Stress: In the lead up to our move and the actual week, I was worrying about really stupid stuff, like what colour towels should I buy and will anyone sit on our new sofa before us. I was a bit odd. I think the stress of a house move does funny things to you, and on the morning of our house move I almost cried on the landlord which was kinda embarrassing but I was just SO stressed and tired and ready to go. Looking back, I didn’t need to worry about all the things that I did, everything worked out in the end and do not worry about getting everything perfect right away. It will take you no time at all to get back to normal, don’t add to your stresses. You will have a few days of stress and not feeling completely relaxed but everything will work out!

I feel like I’m forgetting something but hey let’s hope not haha, these are just a few tips that really helped us when it came to moving, I’d also say and try and get everyone who you know can to help you out. Make sure you have endless amount of tea and coffee if they do help and lots of biscuits too! We bought a takeaway for everyone who had helped on our moving night, but for now I will leave you, good luck if you are moving soon, I cannot stress enough how being organised helped us out so much and if you do have a wobble (and want to throw that packing tape at someone) just think how you’ll feel when you’re snuggled up in your new place 🙂