10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming An Adult.

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When I was young, I used to think that being a grown up seemed like the best thing ever. You could do whatever you want, you could buy ten Claire’s Accessories Surprise Bags if you wanted and you’d definitely be in reach of dating one of the Busted boys surely? But then you actually grow up, and you find yourself trying to scramble back to being young. Although being an adult is cool, I mean no one really tells you what time to go to bed and if I want to have Golden Nuggets cereal for my tea then I blimming well can.

I spent the majority of last week on the phone doing boring house stuff like paying council tax, changing our electricity bill, chasing our house deposit. And it made me realise that this is what being an adult is all about. After a stressful phone call and internet chat (welcome to 2016) with several utility people, I found myself angrily tweeting ‘Two things I’ve learnt from being an adult so far; 1. you’re always tired and 2. there’s always a bloody bill to pay.’ Well it had a great response from everyone and today I thought I’d write up a longer list and well we can all sympathise with adult stuff. 

1. You’re Always Tired : 

It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get, you pretty much are always tired. Even if you have a great nights sleep the effect wont last long. You’ll never feel completely rested and will always feel like some evil goblin has stolen your weekends and annual leave cause they go too fast and you still feel tired! 

2. There’s SO many bills to pay: 

My favourite childhood memory? Not paying for bills.

Why did we not get taught this at school? I mean moving house and then sorting out the bills is a right ball ache. You have to contact all the old suppliers that you’re moving and then liaise with the new ones. Your electricity company will probably put you on a sky high tariff which I only realised till I rung them up yesterday and they conveniently put me on the cheapest but it’s like gobbly gook. Oh and when you think you’ve got everything paid and under control, something else will usually pop up, or your car breaks down, you know that’s life. 

3.  You Don’t Really Know What You’re Doing: 

Remember when you were a kid and you thought your parents were the know alls of know alls. You thought that teachers and lollipop ladies were just fountains of knowledge who most definitely knew what they were doing, yeah they probably didn’t. One thing I’ve learnt is that no one really knows what they’re doing, people with kids just guess, people never know what they want to be when they grow up. We’re all basically just winging it. 

4. There’s Always Cleaning To Do: 

You will probably spend most of your life doing cleaning/housework. The laundry basket will never be empty, there’s aways dishes to wash which will make you question ‘who is eating off all of these?’ The freshly hoovered carpet lasts about an all of 30 minutes, you soon realise that people with clean houses all the time don’t really exist. 

5. Friends Come and Go: 

You made a pact with your pals in the playground with Groovy Chick best friend necklaces that you’d never ever break friends but then life happens. I probably speak to about one of my school friends now, in fact we went for dinner this week, but everyone else I’ve grown apart from. When you were younger it was all about having the biggest friendship group as possible, but these days it’s about quality rather than quantity. Keep the people in your life who actually care about you, who ask you how you are, who are there for your highs and lows, and well life is too short to hang round with people who don’t give two hoots about you. 

6. You Realise Your Parents Are Just Like You: 

When you’re young, your parents seem SO old. Like no offence guys and it seemed they knew everything but as you get older you realise they’re just like you. My dad once told me that he has always felt 18 inside his head and it doesn’t change. Sure you know more stuff, but you never really feel old and suddenly you feel a bit bad for all the grief you gave your parents growing up. You also worry about your parents as you get older, you worry about their health and stuff like that. You also get a little freaked out when you get to the age when you know they’d be happy if you had a baby instead of being a bit disappointed with you. It’s weird to think that my Mum at my exact age right now was pregnant with me, like that blows my mind a little. You also enjoy spending time with your parents, you are no longer are embarrassed by them, in fact you think they’re pretty cool. 

7. Hangovers Are Now A Three Day Event:

The days of going out two/three times a week when you were 18 are long gone, and these days, I can barely make once a month never mind a week. Of course, some of you may be reading this thinking ‘okay grandma’ and I’m not say all twenty somethings stay in, cause obviously I know they don’t but hey this is just my experience. These days, when I’m meeting up with friends for a night out, we usually say ‘shall we just go to a bar/pub so we can actually hear each other talk?’ Oh and if we do go all out, I have to remember to not down a bottle of wine like I did last November and didn’t even make it out from pre drinks and slept on an airbed on the bathroom floor (smooth) but not only that hangovers are like a three day event to get over. Like I always usually need a mini break booked after a night out, there’s none of this doing 763364354 jagerbombs and then waking up like a spring chicken like I used to. The other Saturday night, we were walking back to the car after going for a meal out, it was so cold and I turned to Henry and said ‘I literally could not be arsed with going out right now, get me a blanket and a Hugh Grant film and I’ll be happy.’

8. Meeting Up With Your Friends Is Like Solving a Rubik’s Cube: 

Everyone is busy these days. Work, children, life, which means that meeting up with everyone can be a bit more tricky. I remember how me and my girls would have to send about 347346 whatsapp’s before we could arrange a day, and then someone would always busy. It would always end with ‘okay so we’ve all agreed we’re all free on 16th March 2018 right?’ It’s like solving a Rubik’s Cube trying to get everyone together. Damn I miss the days of just being able to saunter down the hallways at halls to see everyone you knew, or dedicating every Saturday to be in town buying CD singles and Claire’s Surprise bags with your pals.

9. Boring Stuff Now Excites You. 

Okay so not boring cause now you love a bit of homeware, or reading, but back in the day, you couldn’t think of anything more boring. Going round homeware shops with your parents was omg so yawn and you couldn’t think of anything worse than watching Homes Under The Hammer, these days you live for that shit.

10. Not Everyone Will Like You And That’s Okay: 

Throughout my younger years, I cared so much about what everyone thought of me, I’m a people pleaser and regularly do stuff that I don’t like to please everyone else. However when you get older you start to give a shit a little less. You think ‘why am I doing this when this person doesn’t care about my feelings or wouldn’t do this for me.’ You stop trying to please everyone and focus on the people who matter. You realise that sometimes you will do stuff that people don’t like but seriously who cares? You remember that if you’re happy then that’s all that matters and not to worry too much about anyone else. Being a blogger, I used to constantly worry about would everyone like my blog/YouTube, the thing is that you could bake everyone a cake and not everyone would like that cake, there’s always someone who’s gluten free, or god forbid doesn’t like cake. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you, it’s unfair but it’s life. You learn to just get on with it and just focus on you and the important people. I do think that as you get older, you generally give less shits about things. I think this is why old ladies are so sassy.

So tell me, what is one thing you’ve learnt since becoming an adult?