12 Things You Can Do To Have A Productive Weekend

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There’s that saying, ‘ a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content.’ Kinda cheesy, but also kinda true. The past few weekends, I’ve not done an awful lot. I’ve literally just sat and done nothing, but not even nothing in a good way. So last weekend, I made myself do a task each day that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I tell you what. I felt so much better, like a big weight had been lifted and come Monday, I was the most productive, I have been for a while. So recently, I’ve been making a list of things that make me feel a bit better.

With January & February, being a bit rubbish month wise, just a little thing here and there can make you feel so much better, and well it definitely has worked for me. For the first time in weeks, I feel like my head is a bit clearer and well if only I’d just got up of my arse earlier eh!

  • Have A Good Clear Out: Last weekend, I had a huge clear out in the kitchen, which I’ve been meaning to do for so long. I cleared all our cardboard away, put everything in cupboards, and just gave the whole kitchen deep clean/general tidy. It looks SO much better, like I actually like spending time in there now. 

  • Have A Wardrobe Refresh: I always find that sorting out my wardrobe always makes me feel like I’ve done a good task, I take any clothes that I don’t wear anymore to charity, and then refresh my usual clothes and just put everything away tidily. I always usually rediscover clothes that I’d forgotten about so it kinda stops me shopping for about a day. 

  • Have A Good Tidy: I always usually reserve the weekends for a good old tidy, putting away clothes, and having a dust just makes me feel a bit better. I usually say to myself ‘right let’s do this in under an hour’ and then I’ll have a nice tidy house to chill in. 

  • Go See Friends: I love spending time with my friends, and used to love having a date over the weekend to go for dinner with my pals. Or to invite them round for dinner, or have a chill evening. Even just sending a text to someone I’ve not spoke to in a while can make me feel a bit better 🙂 

  • Do Exercise: Ah I hate doing exercise but when I actually move my bum, it makes me feel SO much better. I’ve recently booked myself onto some fitness classes and I actually look forward to them. I would totally recommend looking at fitness classes if you find it hard to motivate yourself (like me) as then you kinda have no excuse to not go. Even just going for a long early morning walk with Frank makes me feel 100x better! 

  • Plan Blog Posts: The weekend is a good time to have a good old brainstorm for blog posts and video ideas. I like that there’s an almost silence from emails, which makes me think better and not let me get distracted by my inbox pinging (btw I am totally making myself sound like I am SO popular, I’m not btw) 

  • Update Your Social Accounts: A bit of a weird one, but sometimes updating social media like Twitter bios, Blog About Me’s, making sure all profile pictures match, can be a good little task to do. Perhaps update your bio’s, change the cover on your pinterest boards, or create new thumbnails for YouTube. 

  • Have A Good Old Pamper: This is usually a Sunday job, and I don’t tend to have a good old pamper that often. I’m talking bath, washing hair, hair mask, painting nails, fake tan..etc whatever you do to pamper yourself. I even popped on a teeth whitening strip last Sunday night and felt right fancy for Monday. 

  • Reply To Emails: Omg so boring right? But one positive to replying to emails at the weekend is the fact that you won’t have a backlog of replies instantly, though I am still waiting for the day that a little robot is invented to purely reply to your emails for you! 

  • Take Blog Photos: The weekend is a great time to dedicate a few hours to taking photos for your blog/instagram. Perhaps take them for the week ahead and then just write up posts when you can, or you’ve got a week of Instagram’s ready to go! It’ll save you time in the week when you’re super tired, or when you get home and it’s already dark. The lighter evenings cannot come soon enough!

  • Do That One Thing You’ve Been Putting Off: There’s usually at least one job that we’re always trying to put off and then when you do it, you’re like ‘why didn’t I just do it sooner?’ Make this weekend the time to do it, for me it’s registering at a new doctors and booking a smear test, but it’s something I need to do, so this weekend I’ll print of the forms ready to take in for Monday. Whether it’s paying a bill, sorting out paperwork, cleaning out the fridge, etc… go and do it! 

  • Have Some Me Time: If you’re truly shattered, then pop away the cleaning products have some me time. Whether it’s having a lie in or an early night, settling down for an hour with a book or whatever it is, do it. Having me time is so good for you and your mental health. I mean it’s practically healthy to have me time. 

These are just a few things that basically make me feel like I have my life together that little bit more, of course sometimes just chilling on the sofa is just as productive sometimes when you need a good rest! 

What do you like doing at the weekend that makes you ready to tackle the week ahead?