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I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about my inspiration for starting my blog before, if I have then I apologise, my memory is like a sieve these days. But personally, I love reading posts like this as I’m a bit of a nosey Nora and love seeing what made people start a blog. It’s kinda fascinating, and with the blogging community sometimes being a little undivided, I thought that I might try and share some of my inspirations and maybe it’ll inspire some of you guys to remember why you started blogging (in case you’re feeling a bit meh about blogging right now.)

The Bloggers Who Inspired Me To Start A Blog: 

I have to say that other bloggers were my main driving force behind me stating a blog. I used to read beauty blogs quite a bit back in the day, and was inspired by these girls who like me shared a love for nail polish, make up and pastel colours. They made me realise that it was perfectly normal to like these things and not shallow, or stupid which is what I was told numerous times growing up. I’d always loved writing so writing a blog seemed to go hand in hand. These were the first blogs I ever read and inspired me to take the plunge myself.

Laura: Laura’s blog Lollipop 26 was my 2009 beauty bible. She now blogs over at Buy Now, Blog Later, but for those of you who remember her lollipop 26 days you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about. I used to take everything that Laura said as gospel, I bought Revlon foundation cause she said it was a dupe for MAC foundation and being a small town student, there was 1. no MAC stockists near and 2. I had no money to be splashing £20+ on a foundation. When Laura stopped blogging for a while, it was like Busted splitting up again for me. I still always love reading Laura’s beauty posts as she’s one of the few bloggers who I still really trust and I always know that if she likes a product, then it must be good.

Milly: I was obsessed with Milly’s blog when I was 17/18, as Milly was basically all I wanted to be in life. She was really cool, had red hair and loved all things pastels. I loved how girly her blog was and thought it was the coolest thing that she’d gone to NYC with Sleek Make up. Milly is one of the loveliest people I have met, and I can’t wait to see how her blog changes when she has her little baby soon. What I love about blogging, is that you see bloggers grow up, you get to see them through all their life changes, as cheesy as it sounds but when you read a blog, you also invest in that blogger as a person and I just think that’s a really nice thing about blogging.

Lifestyle, blogging, Why I started blogging, My Blogging inspirations, Blogging inspiration, Jacqueline Wilson, Dawn Porter, Zoella, Bloggers, The reason I started blogging

Zoe: Zoe was definitely one of my biggest blog girl crushes when I first started out, she’s aways had really good blog photography, and I would always study her photography tips post and hope that one day I’d take photos as good as her. She also always had amazing hair, she had this really cool side fringe and I thought it was the most amazing hair style. I am pretty sure I once showed a photo of Zoe’s hair to my hairdresser (dies of cringe haha) Zoe still to this day is a huge inspiration to me. It’s so nice to have seen her do so well and she still remains exactly the same. I hate it when I see her getting flack as she’s just a normal girl, I still think Zoe is one of the coolest people out there and think she deserves every success she has and more.

The People Who Inspired Me To Blog: 

Dawn O’Porter: Dawn Porter as she was called when I first discovered her is a writer, tv presenter lady who I used to watch on BBC Three. She did documentaries such as Dawn Gets A Baby, Dawn Gets A Man, and other interesting things like that. My Mum and I would love watching her tv shows and would sit and laugh and talk about how we wanted to be her friend. I found out that Dawn was a journalist and decided at the age of 17 that I wanted to be like her. My Mum would say ‘you’re like Dawn, you could be like her!’ When I was deciding what to do at uni, I was stuck between midwifery and media studies; I based it on two things; 1. You can’t wear nail polish if you’re a midwife (not even joking how much this put me off) and 2. I said ‘ I’m definitely more of a Dawn Porter than (insert the name of the local midwife we knew). And that was it, I’d decided. I still think I’d fangirl if I ever bumped into Dawn, as she was a huge inspiration to me when I was at college during a time, when wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. She made me want to get into journalism and writing which then lead to my blog. I found an email that I very embarrassingly sent to her when I was 17 which I would share it but it’s too cringe to publish.

Jacqueline Wilson: Ah Jacqueline Wilson, another one of my biggest inspirations when I was growing up. She’s an UK author who writes children’s/teen books, I read literally all of her books when I was growing up and she inspired me to write. I found myself captured by her books and they taught you so much about feelings, different families and growing up. She wrote about so many different situations that you realised that everyone is different and that’s okay, her Girls In Love range was also a bit saucy and taught me a lot about boys in a pre teen world. I worked hard in English lessons because of Jacqueline Wilson books which inspired me to write. One day, I like to think that I’d like to write a book like the ones I read when I was little. But then I remember how hard it is to write a book, so maybe not. I would love to one day meet Jacqueline Wilson for inspiring me to love reading, and to take English seriously. Henry has met her and I can’t tell you how forever jealous I will be of him haha, if I ever have a daughter, I will make sure she reads all her books.

Cheryl: A bit of a funny one, but my love for Cheryl when I was growing up is mainly the reason why I started my blog. No one got this obsession, Cheryl was my beauty and hair inspiration, I would trek the earth to find hair products to make my hair look like hers, and I wanted to share that with people. I always thought that  although Cheryl has her flaws (like everyone has) she’s always kind, she’s a girls girl and she seems really strong. I spent 10 hours waiting outside Waterstones in 2010 to meet her at a book signing, and I came home the next day and wrote my first blog post about it. I knew that there must be like minded people out there like me who loved her, and I wanted to write about how she liked my hair and how I sat on a plastic bag to keep my bum warm. So I guess my obsession with her, lead to a lot of my early blog posts. I think that my first year of blogging was mainly about beauty products to make myself look like Cheryl haha.

My most prized possession as a child. 

My Blogging Inspirations Right Now: 

Emma: Emma’s blog is one I came across late last year, I met her at an event and thought she was really cool. She was sassy and was wearing leather dungarees, I mean seriously cool. I love her blog and think she sometimes is reading my mind with her posts. She doesn’t hold back and she talks the truth. I love that. Whenever I feel fed up or want inspiration, I’ll head on over to her blog and realise that sometimes you don’t have to pussy foot around on your blog, you can just say how it is. I can tell that this year is going to be big for Emma, I can feel it in my bones as a grandma would say. Go have a read of her blog if you haven’t already.

Kate: I’ve been reading Kate’s blog for a really long time, in that time she’s had a blog re brand, and she inspires me one day to take plunge and leave the name Dizzybrunette3 in the past. I find Kate’s blog really inspiring, because she always takes really good photos, always does good reviews and has the best interior taste. Like if she could come design my house you know that would be great. Kate is also so down to earth and funny, like if you’re not following her on Twitter then you totally meed to be.

This has been a bit of a long post, so I think I’ll save some more of my current fave bloggers for another time, cause by this point you may be falling asleep haha. I hope that you liked this post and it maybe gave you an insight into the reasons why I started my blog and what got me into blogging. Please let me know your inspiration for blogging as I’d love to hear them 🙂


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