My First Day At LFW

I’ve just come back in between shows to my hotel, to type up this post. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw or something, ahahah just kidding. I’m probably more of a Charlotte anyways!

Anyway, this weekend, well Friday and Saturday, I am at LFW. I’ve never really ‘done’ LFW before. It’s always been for really cool stylish people, but this season when I was asked by one of my fave make up brands if I’d like to come backstage with them, it was a no brainer.

I’ve been very excitingly been asked to go backstage at a few shows over the next couple of days with Maybelline. Like omg, how exciting right? I had two shows yesterday (well today as I’m currently writing this mid shows) and then a couple tomorrow (Saturday). I’ve just sprinted back from the Felder Felder show which was at Freemason’s hall. This amazing huge building that was full of character. Unlike other shows I’ve been backstage too, this was surprisingly calm, I didn’t feel too much in the way and everyone was so welcoming. I have to admit, I breathed a sigh of relief, as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect! Maybelline are the official beauty sponsors of LFW, and I was so excited to be given a sneak peek backstage at some of the biggest shows. Yesterday I was backstage at two shows; Felder Felder and Fyodor Golan. I thought I’d do a quick post about my first day, and the make up looks I’ve seen so far!!

Felder Felder

Felder Felder is always a highlight for me and this show did not disappoint. I even got to watch, and felt right like I should be in Made in Chelsea, talking of which Rosie and Hugo were there! I was a little disappointed to see no sign of Millie though!

The Make Up:

The look was called; Wild Beauty, it was very soft, almost quite natural in just normal light but then when it was under the stage lights for the show, it was like ‘BAM’ I love that! The foundation Maybelline Dream Velvet was used with Satin Fluid to give a strong flawless look. TBH all the models were flawless but this made their skin look dewy, fresh and perfect. They had some subtle contour/bronzer with the Maybelline Sculpt powder which looked amazing. Then one of the new balms from Maybelline was used as a blush/highlight and lip colour; Baby Lips Balm in Bronze Shimmer, then the Nudes palette (which I definitely need to add to my collection) was used for the eyes, it was a light brown base used on the lid and then through the crease of the eye and then a shimmery bronze/gold on tip of the lid.

This really stood out under the lights and looked amazing. The Master Drama liner was also used on the lower lash line with a dark brown colour from the palette too. This created a really smokey lived-in look. Finally, the Falsies Push Up Mascara was used on the lashes. Their brows were pretty natural, but I did see a few Master Brow palettes hanging around, so I imagine these must have been used too!

Hair wise, there was a lot of braids, and just very natural waves, very lived in, not perfect hair. The whole look really worked well together!

Fyodor Golan

In the afternoon, I headed to the official BFC show space which has moved from Somerset House to Brewer Street Car Park- yep a car park! It’s very strange! This afternoon I was at Fyodor Golan, it was a bit more out there let’s say, but Maybelline were doing the make up and it was pretty interesting to see. 

The Make Up: The look was very natural skin with a green glttery eye. The foundation used was the Dream Satin foundation, to create a dewy but natural look for the skin. Then the make up artists used lots of concealer under the eyes. There was more drama on the eyes with green liquid shadow used smudged on the eye with a glitter pigment added on top (they didn’t have this to hand so I couldn’t take specific names unfortunately). The Falsies Push Up Drama was used on the lashes with a Maybelline eye liner used on the waterline. Baby Lips Lip Balm was used on the lips for a barely there gloss. There was lots of texture in the hair, think messy beachy hair. 

The Nails: I really enjoyed talking to the nail artist (is that the right word?) Michelle who told me the aim for the nails was a velvet theme. To incorporate this she used navy metallic shade; Manhattan Midnight, half of the nail  was matte and then the other half had a new Maybelline Gel 3D Plumping top coat on top. The nails looked so cool, and she said it wasn’t to be tidy, it was to looked like the model had dipped their nails in velvet. 

The atmosphere was very crazy and hectic but it was fun, I really enjoyed my day and I’m excited for tomorrow (well today when you read this haha! Yesterday was much better than I imagined, I didn’t once feel like I didn’t fit in or didn’t belong there, I guess sometimes you have to give yourself a pep talk and be like ‘come on now, you can do this!’ 

I’m now back in my room for the evening with some cookies and ready to collapse into bed getting this written up for you to read right now! Tomorrow (today) sees another busy day with a blogger breakfast then Markus Lupfer tomorrow afternoon, before a couple of hours in London and then time to go home!

Are you enjoying LFW? I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I’m really finding the make up and hair looks really interesting, though one down side of working with Maybelline, is that I now want everything. Though that’s not really a bad thing hah!

I hope you’re all having a good weekend and remember to follow me on Instagram/Snapchat/Twtter for exclusive peeks behind the scenes!

What’s been your fave LFW look so far?