Blogger Problems #3

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I am back with a GIF post…. it’s been a while but they are back. Yes some people may say that Gifs are so 2014, but in my book they will always be relevant. Today, we’re talking blogger problems. I think this is my third blogger problems post, they’re mainly to poke a bit of fun and laugh at myself and the stupid blogger problems I think in my head. Hopefully you can relate and here’s to some more GIF posts soon, and if you think they’re 2014… then erm soz.

Why is it so dark all the time? Therefore making photos a nightmare to take.

But then as soon as you get a sunny day, ‘get the camera, run run run!’

‘Omg I don’t have to use a studio light or up my iso on my camera! Best day ever.’

When you literally have to almost fall out of the window when you’re taking pics to get the natural light.

Feeling like you’re the only blogger not on an exotic press trip right now… ‘i’ll just stay on the sofa in my blanket okay?’

Wondering how you can do another outfit post when it’s too cold to wear anything apart from jeans and jumpers right now.

The crazy press releases you get around this time of year; obscure not very funny April Fools releases and the influx of ‘get beach body ready with this kale juice squeezed by virgin Nuns detox’ 

Going to take outfit photos and it’s bucketing down with rain. Brilliant.

But then when you do get outside to take pics, you end up with a face full of hair cause it’s pretty much always windy at the moment.

When brands want you to post 4 videos, 2 blog posts, 6 instagrams in return for a free product/exposure on their social media pages. No. 

Trying to get a candid photo for your Instagram feed, but then realising just how hard that it is. Ending up with hair in your mouth, a slouch, or a double chin… how do these Instagram people do it?  And where do I find someone who will take these photos for me?

Forever cursing yourself for not buying a phone/laptop with a bigger memory.

Hating yourself for genuinely caring too much about your Instagram feed. 

What’s your biggest Blogger problem? 


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