Helpful Websites For Wedding Planning

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I’ve been meaning to do another wedding related post for some time, and after just editing my latest video which is a wedding planning vlog, I thought now would be as a good time as ever to sit down and chat weddings. So since I last spoke to you, myself and Henry were in the beginning of planning our wedding. We’d looked round venues and then came crashing back to earth with a thud when we realised how much everything was. We’re a couple of months forward now and although we still haven’t set a date or found the perfect venue, things are becoming a bit clearer.

So to just start before I start launching on about my fave websites and blogs for wedding planning, let’s give you an update ( I mean does anyone really care? Or just me? Who knows ahah) so basically we’re thinking of putting the wedding back a year so it gives us more time to save and plan. This summer we are hoping to get a mortgage which is like really grown up and stressful so that’s our first priority now. By giving ourselves an extra 12 months, that’s a lot more time to save and plan which the control freak inside me is quite liking.

We’ve found a potential venue online, I’m going to book us in to see it sometime in April, but from looking online it looks pretty perfect. It makes me feel excited and it seems to have everything that we wanted from our wedding. So that is very exciting, I’ve also tried on wedding dresses for the first time ( so surreal) and you can see some footage of that in my latest wedding vlog (link down below!) We’ve pinned more to our Pinterest board, and I’ve been favouriting a lot on Etsy! But that’s all I have update wise right now, we’re going to the National wedding show this weekend, and then hopefully soon visiting this venue we love.

But for now, let’s talk some websites which are really useful when you’re in the beginning of planning a wedding.

Pinterest: Ah pinterest, the house of all dreams right now. Seriously having a Pinterest board for wedding ideas is SO useful for gathering all your inspirations. I won’t lie, I set one up a couple of years ago, handily ready for when the time came. But now, I spend a lot of time, in fact probably too much time on there. We have a joint board which we pin everything wedding related we love the look of or ideas of, there’s venue decoration, flowers, food, entertainment etc… and it’s good to look back on for inspiration. I have a dress board which has all dresses and ideas that I love, a hair and beauty board, a bridesmaids board and I think that’s possibly it.

They’re all secret cause I’m a secret squirrel but I promise I’ll make them public once our wedding is over. I mean I don’t know why I’m acting like my Pinterest is like homeland security, but I dunno, I know a lot of people getting married at the moment and I kinda want to keep our ideas individual right now, if that makes sense? However, I do give you a sneak peek into some stuff we want in my latest vlog 🙂

Wedding, Wedding Planning, Wedding Help, Wedding Blogs, Wedding websites, how to plan a wedding, planning a wedding, bridal,

Etsy: This is such a good website if you’re planning some DIY at your wedding, or basically want your wedding to be like something from Pinterest cause they sell everything you’d need for said wedding. There’s lots of DIY options such as print out stationery, DIY garlands, photo booth signs etc…. I have been favouriting things like a mad woman for future reference, and I know once we get in the full swing of wedding planning, I’ll probably be Etsy’s #1 customer.

Add To Event: This is such a good website for getting lots of different quotes from different suppliers. Say you’re looking for a marquee, or a band and you don’t know where to start, then all you do is send a request with a few details about your wedding and then people who are happy to provide for your wedding in your area will reply with prices/info. It’s a great way to gathering costs and seeing who works in your area! Another great website for looking at different suppliers, and finding different people to look at. It was a really handy website to start planning from as it gave us loads of ideas of websites to look at and who to contact!

Rock My Wedding: possibly my favourite wedding blog is RMW, they feature lots of real life weddings which I love as you can really gather lots of inspiration from them. They also have lots of inspiration in the form of DIYS, suppliers and lots more. I just love this blog, as it seems to showcase the prettiest of weddings, and I always find myself pinning pretty much every post that they post!

Rock N Roll Bride: This is another great wedding blog as it’s a good one to look at if you want your wedding to be slightly more informal, and un traditional. It’s nice to see a different wedding blog, which shows you all sorts of weddings, it’s a great one to get inspiration from and gets you thinking outside of the box when it comes to decorations and ideas!

Coco Wedding Venues: This is a gorgeous website which provides so many venue options for your region or depending on your theme! I found our potential venue on there ( we haven’t even looked at i yet and I’m already like ‘it’s the one’ haha) but there’s so many different venues on there that aren’t on any other websites! It’s a really lovely website and if you’re struggling to find somewhere for your venue then have a look on Coco and I can probably guarantee you’ll find somewhere you love!

Photographers We Have Found:

From looking online, we have found a few different people who would be perfect for our wedding. We’re pretty much set on our photographer (though I’m keeping her under wraps for the time being!) but I have found a few others who look amazing, so if you’re struggling for inspiration, hopefully one of these can help!

Georgina Balmer Photography: Gina is actually a friend of mine so possibly I am a little bias when I say that Gina is a great wedding photographer. We’re not having her as ours, as we’re hoping she’ll attend our wedding as a guest anyways so don’t want her to be working hhah! But Gina works really hard on all her weddings as you can tell, she’s based in Shropshire but also travels within the UK and will even cover destination weddings if you’re looking to go abroad!

Naomi Kenton: I also came across Naomi on a wedding blog and fell in love with her girly wedding photos. They’re so natural and pretty!

You can check out our videos on wedding planning so far; here is our first one about what we want from our wedding…

Then this one is me talking about these websites and also some sneaky footage of me trying wedding dresses on 🙂

These are some websites that I have found so helpful recently and have been really useful in helping us to get some general ideas for our wedding! Our next step is to go visit the venue we really like (and hopefully book and secure a date) and then go from there!

If you’re planning a wedding or have had your wedding, what websites did you find most useful?