My Favourite Make Up Products Right Now

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I must admit that there are a few items right now in my make up bag that I am completely digging. Yes that’s right, I just said digging. Is it 1998 again? No, but there we go, sometimes these words need bringing back out from the attic and that is today’s word. What am I going on about right now? Honestly, I don’t even know myself so lets just move on from this before things get awkward.

So make up, I thought I’d write about some of my fave products right now. I’ve stopped doing regimented favourites every month cause I would sometimes find the pressure of finding favourites a bit much. I want to rave about products that I genuinely love and would shout out about from a rooftop. Also seeing as I never want to spend too much money on myself, make up and clothes, new favourites don’t really appear that often… so here are some current faves from this year so far.

Also how the eff is it April already? It feels five mins since I was sitting watching Christmas 24 wondering how I could persuade Henry that we have the Christmas tree up all year round. Spoiler alert; my plan didn’t work.

Maybelline The Nudes Palette*: I worked with Maybelline over LFW which was one of those pinch me moments. I won’t lie, when I got the first email about this, I did think it was joke and wasn’t convinced till I’d found the sender on LinkedIn. Ah don’t you love an over active imagination which isn’t helped when you’ve watched wayyyy too many NCIS episodes. Anyway, it was all good and I had a ball working with them at LFW. I was sent some products to recreate some videos and this palette was one thing I was sent. I love this cause it’s affordable, pigmented and has a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. A new daily must have for me and if you’re a fan of smokey brown eye looks, then you’ll love this.

L’oreal Infalliable Foundation: I think that I might have to start a Twitter fan page for this foundation soon as my love for it is getting a little out of hand. My foundation might get some sort of restraining order against me, I think if I’m not careful. But anyway, I love this cause it’s long lasting (lasts all day, battles against sweat, rain, tears, dog licks) it’s quite matte but not super matte so you look like you’re wearing a mask. It’s medium coverage and well I just like the fact it lasts so long on your face.

NYX Liquid Illuminator: Gleam: You guys know that I love a liquid highlighter. I’d been dying to try this for ages and then one rainy Sunday afternoon, I was in one of those moods where I ordered a huge collection of products from Boots and this was one of the things that I’d put in my basket. It’s a pearly pink colour, it’s very similar to Nars Cocabana, it’s perfect for highlighting cheeks, or putting in with foundation. It doesn’t go cakey, or powdery and it doesn’t make you look like a disco ball. I’m a big fan.

Beauty, Make Up, Drugstore, Favourite Make Up Products Right Now, NYX Cosmetics, L'oreal, Maybelline,

Maybelline Baby Lips Balm & Blush*: Another Maybelline product that I discovered whilst working with them. These lip balms are super cute, and I have been loving the Innocent Peach as a day to day lip colour. It smells amazing, doesn’t do a bad job of moisturising your lips and is a pretty peachy/pink colour. It would work well for blush/highlight too for when you’re on a beach holiday, but for now I love having it in my handbag for my lips.

Charlotte Tilbury: Dreamy Glow Highlighter*: I’ve had this product in my collection for a little while now. It’s a highlighter from Charlotte Tilbury but at first, I just didn’t get it. It wasn’t as shimmery as a usual highlighter and I just didn’t quite understand it. Anyway, I saw Kate wearing it on Instagram, and she had this glow on her face that made her look like she’d been carved by angels. I immediately thought, “I need whatever product that is in my life” then when she said it was this highlighter, I was like ‘okay let’s give you another go.’ Anyway, I can’t really put my finger on this product, to me it’s more of a face powder than a highlighter. It’s a soft peachy pink colour with a delicate shimmer. It basically just makes your face look amazing, you look glowy, you look like you’ve been on the smooth action from Facetune. Under lights, it just makes your skin look glowy and perfect, almost like you’re one of those perfect girls from Instagram. It’s £45 so it’s pretty pricey, but I am enjoying using it, and I can’t really explain it but it just makes your skin look really good.

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick: 07: I bought this lip colour mainly for my latest Jade Little Mix video, but you know me, a matte nude lipstick and I’m in. I think this colour is also kinda similar to Dolce K from Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits (I’ll try get a dupe post your way soon) and it’s matte, pretty long lasting, doesn’t feel sticky or dry and is under £10. I love the soft lip matte creams from NYX and I now have my eye on the NYX Lip Lingerie lipsticks, so if you’ve tried any of those let me know!

Vichy Dermablend Powder & Liquid Corrective Foundation*: I’ve been using these Vichy products for a couple of months now, and wasn’t sure if I’d like them to be honest with you. I used to have the Vichy Corrective Concealer which used to make my face so dry and cakey and got a huge thumbs down from me. However the liquid corrective foundation which I’ve been using as a concealer on spots and blemish marks isn’t cakey at all. Well I can imagine if you maybe used it all over, it could be, but for little bits here and there, it just covers everything. It also lasts all day, so this gets a big thumbs up from me. The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder helps with the hold of the foundation and sets it. I find that it does set the foundation and helps to make my make up last all day. I find it also helps with coverage for some reason, and I really like it for setting concealer. A good duo, almost as good as Ant & Dec, but you know not quite there.

NYX Setting Spray: Dewy Finish: Okay so this favourites is quite NYX heavy, and well that’s cause you know that big Boots order I made that I spoke about earlier? Yeah a lot of that was NYX stuff. I’ve been needing a new setting spray lately and this one took my eye. In my head it’s still 2012 and I’m still trying to re create that Millie Mackintosh dewy glow, so I thought this spray could help. Though little side note; can you believe she’s been seen getting cosy with Hugo again? OMG my time machine has worked, it’s definitely 2011 again. Though I’d best stop talking about celebrities as someone will call me a dumb ass again. Anyway, this spray is rally good, stops your make up going cakey, makes your skin a little more refreshed and I just really like it.

Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss : Doughnut * : This gloss has been my all time fave this past month. I’ve been getting dry skin so a matte lipstick seemed to make things just all very dry so a gloss has been my preferred lip product of choice. This S&G one, plumps your lips slightly, it makes you feel like you have teeny pins and needles in your lips, and I just like the pale nude colour. I tend to wear it over the top of nude matte shades such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Nude Kate lipstick. I wouldn’t say it makes my lips look like Kylie Jenner’s or something but it does give them a little plump.

So about four years later, there are my current fave make up products… what’s one product that you are absolutely loving right now?