Things That Make You Feel Like An Adult

I feel like I have written way too much about quarter life crisis’s and all that on my blog over the past couple of years.

Just for reference here’s some posts to book mark next time you’re in a panic:

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I think that’s enough for now. But anyway, today’s post. I was thinking ( sometimes never wise) and I was thinking about all the things that I do that make me feel like an actual adult and rather than this weird child being that I usually feel like. So thinking of these things made me chuckle so I hope you enjoy them too, and let me know what kinda thing makes you feel like an adult!

  • Doing the washing up as you cook. So you pop the lasagne in the oven and then wash up the pots whilst it’s cooking. Meaning you have less to wash up at the end. Amazing, and definitely makes me feel like a proper adult. Less washing up to do at the end? Winner winner. 
  • Wearing matching underwear definitely makes me feel like I have my shit together. 
  • Ironing my clothes. This may be a weird one to some of you but I rarely ever iron so when I do, it’s like ‘blimmin eck look at me trying to look all presentable and crease less.’ You get 100 adult points if you have ever ironed bedding, underwear, or pyjamas. Cause personally I feel life is too short to do this. 
  • Having emergency first aid supplies in the house/your handbag. Having tissues, plasters, pain killers all to hand makes me feel like superwoman. 
  • Getting up at a reasonable time at the weekend (tbf this rarely ever happens cause you know sleep) 
  • Having greetings cards in a drawer for birthdays/new jobs, so you can whip one out at a moment’s notice. ‘Damn we didn’t get Auntie Joyce a card’ ‘Don’t worry, I have a card in my drawer.’ 
  • Going to the supermarket and retuning with what you needed in the first place. None of this going for bread and coming out with two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, a dvd, and a family size packet of Kettle Chips and forgetting the damn bread. 
  • Eating healthy. Like hey look at me not giving a second thought to McDonald’s right now. 
  • Saving actual money. 
  • When you’d much rather spend your evening stopping in with wine, a meal and a dvd. You just can’t hear yourself think in those clubs!
  • Buying stuff like sofas and candles, and blankets. Like man when did I get so old? 
  • Doing DIY 
  • Following a recipe from a cooking book. 
  • When you make a conscious effort to buy healthy food; like green vegetables and brown pasta. 
  • Having emergency food in your handbag/car. Yes that’s right, I am so ready for a zombie apocalypse
  • When you book your own dentist/doctors appointment without getting your Mum to do it. 

What makes you feel like an adult?