Trying To Find Being Fitter & Healthier Not Scary.

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Hi. Yes you did just read that title right. I will hold my hands up right now and say that I find exercise and eating healthy a bit scary. It’s a bit daunting. I just remember PE lessons at school when we had to run the 1500m or do the bleep test or the cooper run (did anyone else do this because no one ever knows what I’m going on about and I swear I didn’t dream it) and just remember almost dying at the end. The feeling of trying to not be sick in the nearest bin, and thinking how do I stop my cheeks being so red and my hair being sweaty before my current crush sees me.

Anyway, I’m not 14 anymore. I’m 24. So thankfully, I don’t have someone making me do these things 2/3 times a week anymore. THANK GOD. But then over the past few years, I relished in not doing anything too vigorous. Shopping and a fast walk was my exercise and then my metabolism in my early twenties slowed down and paired with the rubbish I ate. BAM. No that was not a bus hitting me, thankfully. Just my jeans not fitting me anymore.

It was time to face facts. I wasn’t healthy. So then it was time to start moving again. Over the past few years, I’ve tried doing at home workouts, from the 30 day shred (and almost throwing my weights at the screen cause Jillian Micheal’s annoyed me so much) to going to the gym and sometimes doing a half arsed 20 mins on the cross trainer. I’ve never really put my all into exercise.

Healthy eating has gotten better… slightly. I swapped white carbs for wholewheat ones, I cut down the amount of shit like muffins and sweets I eat. Porridge instead of sugary cereals for breakfast, and fizzy drinks are a distant memory now. But what I’m trying to say is that I still found the thought of being healthy and exercising a bit scary.

This January, I decided that I did want to change things up. I’d had a few months of basically not really caring what I ate. Too many takeaways, too much chocolate, and I don’t even want to count how many pigs in blankets I ate over Christmas. I felt like I was a pig in a blanket if I’m honest. It’s scary knowing where to start, do you join a gym? Should I just eat green stuff? But I’ve been doing some things that have made little changes and have slowly been making myself a little healthier and it’s not even been that scary…

Lifestyle, fitness, working out, clubbercise, how to work out, how to get fitter,

Going To Fitness Classes: I’ve always liked the idea of doing fitness classes as you’d actually have someone there to tell you what to do for an hour. Maybe I secretly miss PE haha. But I thought they would be a good idea to actually make you work and not give you excuses. After all, you can’t really stop half way through and be like ‘ okay I’m done now bye.’ But I found going to a fitness class a bit daunting. Everyone seemed clique-y, what if I was really unfit at the back of the class, do you need to take a towel for sweat, what do you wear? Were all questions I asked myself in my head. However, one bonus from moving back home is that I know a lot more people here. I heard from a friend about some classes she was taking and asked if I could come too. Knowing someone seemed to make the classes less daunting and well now, I really enjoy going.

I go to Clubbercise which is like a dance/aerobic/cardio session for an hour, they turn off the lights, fill the room with disco lights and you have glow sticks. You then dance around for an hour to loud 90s/00s dance music and it’s fun. It’s hard but it’s fun. I really enjoy going and I do that twice a week. I will now go to the classes on my own quite happily, I think it was the initial first time that I found daunting. No one cares if you’re struggling, no one judges, everyone is focused on them. There’s all ages and abilities and you feel comfortable. I’ve also been doing yoga with my friend one night a week, initially I thought Yoga would be a walk in the park. Yeah it’s not. I find it hard, but also relaxing and rewarding.

I’m enjoying trying new things and having the confidence to try new classes. Have I lost weight? I don’t know, I do feel like I have in some ways, but I feel like I’m getting fitter slowly but surely, each week I’m able to give a little more to the classes. I enjoy them and look forward to them and well if they’re making me enjoy exercise, then that’s something. I would totally recommend looking up classes if you want to try getting a little more active. They weren’t as scary as I thought, and if you have someone in your area who does clubercise maybe look them up, cause it is fun.

I’ve been doing little things like walking more with Frank, walking instead of driving, taking the stairs, which have been helping without me realising. I think I walk near enough almost three miles a day which isn’t bad when I work from home. Doing just a little exercise is better than doing nothing at all, I’ve decided.

Eating Less Rubbish : I’ve stopped buying rubbish food for the house. If Henry wants chocolate, I’ll deliberately buy stuff that he likes and I don’t. I won’t be tempted to eat it then. We home make most of our dinners, like I said above, I’ve been using wholewheat carbs for a while now. I’ll try and eat fruit in the evening rather than chocolate (though kinda hard when it’s just been Easter) and having takeaways and McDonald’s a lot less often! Although I still eat bad stuff now and then, I do eat better. I personally think it’s hard to completely overhaul your eating habits. You have to do it slowly and step by step otherwise you’ll just crash when you are depriving yourself.

I would love to eat really healthy and clean but I don’t know if this is a reality for me, but these little changes are helping, I try to find healthy food inspiration from places like Pinterest, and YouTube has so many fitness videos to help you become a bit healthier.

Things like buying new sportswear helps me to feel confident when working out, I recently purchased some £6 USA Pro tops from Sports Direct which I love! It’s the little things that help.

I’ve also compiled a workout play list to listen to if I work out from home, or listen to in the car on my way to classes. It makes me feel inspired and ready to work out, just doing stuff like this can help me get off my arse.

The thought of doing exercises and eating healthy used to be very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re like me, thinking ‘i probably should do something but I don’t know what’ then don’t worry. There are so many ways of exercising out there, that it doesn’t have to be horrible and make you feel like you’re going to die. I am so happy, that I’ve managed to find some things that I enjoy and help me to be healthy.

Some YouTubers to check out if you want to work out from home:

Carly Rowena

I’ve also been using the Charlotte Geordie Shore DVD on and off, but I just can’t find the motivation to work out from home atm!

What’s your fave things to do/eat for being healthy?