Why It’s Okay To Be Basic.

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‘ Omg she’s such a basic bitch.’ 

‘ Wave to the basic bitches.’ 

‘ I am sooooo basic.’ 

These are just three things that I have been hearing and seeing a lot of lately on social media and in real life. This got me thinking, what does it actually mean? 

Like what is being basic? 

So I turned to wikipedia which translated it to – Basic bitch (or simply basic) is a slang term in American popular culture used to pejoratively describe people who like popular, mainstream products or music.’ 

Now recently, I have been seeing so much on social media that connatates that being ‘basic’ is literally the worst thing right now for a girl to be. Which to be honest kind of makes me mad. 


Because it’s totally fine to be basic. 

I’m ‘basic’. I’ll put my hands up right now. If we’re talking on the level of ‘basic’ I’m probably there right at the top. But do I care? Erm no. 

It’s totally fine to like whatever you like and I am so sick of this stuff everywhere that makes you feel bad for grabbing an iced frappe from Starbucks and liking Gossip Girl, because omg so basic. 

We need to stop shaming people for liking things they like. We are ALL different and we ALL like different things, that’s the beauty of being a human being. 

If you like something that makes you ‘basic’ then why does it matter? As long as you never like something to impress someone else, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s considered mainstream or not. 

The thing is. I may like different stuff to you, but that doesn’t mean that I think you’re a weird person for liking whatever you like. 

When I meet new friends, I don’t do 21 questions of ‘do you go to Starbucks?’ ‘who’s your most played on Spotify?’ ‘Who’s your fave friends character?’ No of course I don’t. I base who I hang round with cause they’re nice, funny, and kind. I’m pretty sure you do too. I’m not going to drop someone because they don’t like the same music as me, and heck one of my closest friends Sarah has never really ever watched Friends. I haven’t dropped her like a hot potato cause these things really don’t matter. 

I saw this instagram the other day which said ‘you’re telling me you’re different to other girls, but your Michael Kors watch suggests otherwise.’ 

We need to stop thinking it’s okay to call people basic like it’s a bad thing, for what they enjoy. If you want a Micheal Kors watch, you buy one. It’s 2016, why are we still judging people for what they wear and what they choose to do in their free time? It’s not affecting you personally. 

Let’s go back to Mean Girls (kind of) – ‘ we have to stop calling each other basic. It makes it okay for guys to call us basic.’ 

Don’t ever feel ashamed for what you like and what you don’t. 

When I was at school,  sometimes I felt ashamed of what I liked and tried to pretend that I didn’t like a certain band/or trend. You shouldn’t ever feel like this. I realised that I was probably hanging round with the wrong people as real friends really don’t care if you have different tastes to them. 

Just because you like something that is mainstream or popular doesn’t mean that you’re unoriginal, not everyone can like bands/shops that no else has heard of before and let’s just think about this- mainstream things are usually mainstream because they’re good. Watching Netflix isn’t basic when literally everyone I know apart from my Grandma has an account. 

Things are usually popular for a reason. 

I got good grades at school and college, I have a 2:1 degree, so I’m not stupid. Enjoying drinks from coffee chains, enjoying One Direction and shopping at Topshop does not alter your personality. 

Yes girls like me may enjoy ‘shallow’ things such as really focusing on our Instagram feed, or being genuinely upset when a celebrity couple splits up but that doesn’t mean that’s all we’re focused on. I may not tell you on here or on social media, but there’s a lot of other things that interest me. We’re not all shallow and airheads. We do care about other stuff, just because it’s not plastered all over social media, doesn’t mean that we don’t take an interest in these things. 

Life is so serious sometimes, it’s nice to indulge in some shallow stuff to take your mind off things. 

And well if anyone can’t accept that, then you are the definition of basic. 

The thing is, I’d rather put my hands up and say ‘yep this what I like’ because I’m not going to pretend I’m someone I’m not. I’d rather be ‘basic’ than someone living a lie. 

Maybe I’ve gone off one of my rants *probably* but we have to stop allowing this judging to happen. Too many young girls are getting influenced by this and it makes me sad that potentially kids are growing up worried about really saying what they like and enjoy cause they’re scared of being called stupid, dumb or basic. 

Whilst I’m not saying that girls should aspire to be ‘basic’,  I’m saying that you shouldn’t ever feel bad for what you genuinely like and enjoy. Don’t let people try and steer you, or tell you that your choices are lame. 

You do you and enjoy whatever you like. Life is too short to not indulge in what you really like. If that’s a frappe from Starbucks, doing yoga and going for brunch then you do that glen coco. 

Well I’m going to love you and leave you now, but remember you live your life and never ever be scared of showing who you really are.

* BTW I just took a ‘how basic are you’ quiz on Buzzfeed and apparently, I am totally basic. Told ya 😉 *