Life Lately


Today is one of those days, well it’s been more like one of those weeks where I have had literally no inspiration or motivation. I was blaming it on mercury being in retrograde last week even though I don’t really know if that’s a thing but it made me feel a little better that maybe there was a reason why I was being such a lazy bum haha. Anyway, in an attempt to make myself get back in writing posts and having ideas, I thought I’d have a ramble about some things that have been going on lately. Personally I love reading these posts, which I’ve probably told you every time that I write one of these, as I love being nosey and love seeing what people have been up to.

So first of all, I hope all is good with you. I don’t want to just launch into writing about me, as I don’t want to seem too self absorbed haha. But yeah tell me in the comments what you’ve been up to!

We Bought A House:

So my biggest news is that we’ve bought a house. Well kind of, I think? Basically we have had an offer accepted on a house, we’ve popped off applications to the mortgage provider and well now is a waiting game for searches and mortgage offers to be confirmed. It’s a crazy process and to be honest, the whole thing has been pretty easy so far. I have been playing ignorant as I feel like this is helping my stress levels. We’d been looking at houses for a good month or so before we found the one we put an offer in on. It was a weird process, I felt I was too picky, I basically wanted to walk into a house thinking ‘this is perfect’ but I soon realised that no house is perfect.

I knew Rightmove like the back of my hand, and the thing that sold the house to us, was that it felt right. We could see ourselves living there and I even thought to myself ‘where would we put the Christmas tree?’ So that was a good sign. It’s across a road to a huge field to walk Frank, it’s about a 2 minute drive from a  really good kebab place (priorities) and it’s really bright. I loved how bright every room was, which obviously a must have for a blogger! The kitchen needs re doing as does the bathroom, but we’re excited for a project. I have already been pinning kitchen inspiration on Pinterest and I may have persuaded Henry that we have marble worktops (mwhahha.) I realised that basically we can make the house our perfect house, by doing work to it ourselves.

It’s so exciting, and I’m excited to get moving really. I’ve never really felt settled since we moved home and I think that’s because I always knew we would be in this current place for 6 months, I think that I will feel better once we are in a home that is ours and no one can make us move. I feel incredibly lucky and proud that we have been able to buy a house at the age of 24, but please remember where I live the houses are pretty affordable!

But yes, please get ready for house posts and videos. I think I’m going to do moving vlogs on Snapchat as I feel like SC gets way more views than my YT (more on that in a mo) and I am really loving SC right now (yes that’s right Grandma is catching up) but yeah I’m excited to do house posts and that kinda thing! Let me know some good places for homeware 🙂 (btw my snapchat username is : dizzybrunette3 if you fancy following!)

Feeling Bleh

Like I mentioned above, the past couple of weeks have left me feeling bleh. I’ve had a lot of brand work on so my time has been occupied with loads of deadlines as it’s always the way that deadlines are always in the same week. I don’t know if I’ve burnt myself out, or what but I just can’t seem to get motivated about my blog or YouTube right now. Especially my YouTube. I’ve been feeling fed up on and off about YT for ages now. I feel like it goes nowhere. Not that I think I deserve million subscribers or anything like that. But with YT you seem to measure success by how many views/subscribers you have, so when you’re losing subscribers or never gaining any, or constantly getting low views, it’s easy for it to get to you. I feel like you spend so much time filming and editing and then to get a ton of dislikes, or lose subscribers you can think what is the point? I’ve decided to take some time out, and just film when I want to, in an attempt to hopefully get some inspiration back. I also want to revamp my blog a little bit, but I always feel like you guys on here are always so supportive and nice that I’ve never really felt like this about my blog before. But anyways, let’s stop with the pity party but yeah this has been on my mind lately, and hopefully writing about it will make me feel better!

Reliving My Childhood

I went to see Busted on Friday evening in Birmingham and I swear to god, it was like being 12 years old again. Busted were like my life between 2003-2004, I was obsessed. I was a super fangirl and would write over all my schoolbooks ‘I Love Busted’ Or ‘I Love Matt Willis’ and I think I may have even engraved I love Busted into a maths table, because I am a rebel who cannot be tamed. So I was so excited as a 24 year old to see Charlie was rejoining the band, and I was counting down the days till the concert. Anyway, it was amazing, I sang and jumped around to my heart’s content. If you’re going to see them on tour then you will have the best time. At one point, I was in direct line with Charlie and we almost looked at each other in the eye and I’m kinda glad we didn’t cause I’d have probably died.

So tbh, I thought I’d have more to write about before I wrote this post, now I’m like ‘yeah I’m not so sure’ haha. Life has been really busy with work lately, and house stuff and I can’t even tell you how much I am craving a holiday. But hey a new kitchen is a the priority right now! I’m sorry for the waffle, I hope it wasn’t too boring to read! Let me know what is new with you, and let me know some good places for homeware/kitchens!