Spring Wishlist

As soon as the clocks roll forward and the evenings are lighter, I am like ‘Spring is here!’ And of course what does that mean? Usually for me that it’s time to update my wardrobe and maybe, just maybe stop dressing in just grey and black. Hey I said maybe?

But the thing is, unfortunately I have no holidays planned for this year yet ( I am hoping that a little deal comes up meaning we can jet off this summer) but realistically it’s not going to happen. I’m also trying really, really hard to save money, so tbh buying new things for my wardrobe probably shouldn’t be a priority right now.

Having said that, it doesn’t stop me looking at clothes online. So I’m doing some window shopping, to make myself feel better. Also hopefully some of you guys will buy this stuff meaning that I can’t buy it. So technically I’m almost giving you a present, cause I’m super nice like that.

Most of this stuff is barely groundbreaking for spring, think blue jeans (shocker) mainly cause I probably should start weening myself off my 89743643 pairs of black jeans soon, loads of white tops (cause white tops) and even a hint of a pastel pink here and there. I’m also pretty sure I’m going to buy the white converse from this line up, as my white converse have basically bit the dust. I managed to get them stained last year when I went to the tip ( I was going somewhere else wasn’t just wearing white converse to the tip) and this liquid from some of the rubbish like a rusty liquid went on my converse. Mare. So I’ve tried soaking and washing these about four times, and now they’ve gone to a baby blue colour (bloody weird) and I can’t get the stains out. I know that you are really loving this story right now, but I will put you out of your misery when I say they’re ruined. I’m tempted to maybe try dying them black? Would that work? But anyways, white converse are a huge Spring/Summer essential for me, so I’ll probs treat myself to a new pair cause you know, gotta treat yourself every now and then.

So there’s also captions on all the pieces, I’m loving but yeah go free and buy if you have a holiday/money to spend on clothes!

Where do you think has the best Spring clothes right now?