What To Do When You’re In A Blogging Slump

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I have been so unmotivated recently. It makes me feel guilty and lazy, I don’t know if you feel the same but I guess if you’re here reading this post, you’ll either have felt this way or are feeling this right now. It’s no surprise when you’ve been blogging for a long time (6 years this year for me) that sometimes you will run out of ideas. You’ll think of an idea and be like ‘oh I’ve already done that’ or ‘someone else has done that.’ It’s hard to think of original stuff sometimes, which has been my trouble recently. It’s made me feel fed up, and un inspired. This is the reason why blog posts and videos have been a bit thin on the ground recently.

I’ve just not felt like writing posts or making videos. Kinda bad when it’s your job, but then I realised that it’s okay to feel like this sometimes. I think I forget that I’m a human who can’t be on fast forward all the time, or aways thinking of amazing blog ideas that will get all the saves on Bloglovin. So thankfully I think I’m coming out of my slump. But this post really is for me to look back on haha, but hopefully if you’re feeling this way you’ll find it useful (fingers crossed.)

Have A Break:

Trying to crack on and think of ideas when you feel burnt out is never going to end well. I tried doing this for a few days but then just got frustrated when I couldn’t think of anything or just found myself wasting my days. I decided the best thing to do was to have a break. Put my laptop down and just do stuff, and hopefully I’d think of some ideas. I don’t know about you, but because I work from home, I sometimes forget that I should get days off and holidays like I used to in my old jobs. So taking a day off here and there isn’t going to stop the world spinning.

Try To Find Inspiration:

I turned to my favourite places for inspiration such as Pinterest, Bloglovin, Tumblr and magazines for blog post ideas. Whilst it definitely gave me some ideas for different things I could do or photo ideas, be careful that it doesn’t make you feel even more confused/uninspired. I find photos really inspiring for some reason so places like Pinterest and Tumblr are a good place for me to get a little inspiration. But you know yourself, and where you get inspiration from, so just look at those and hopefully it may spark something.

Don’t Compare!

I used to always look at my favourite blogs for inspiration but now I try to not do that too much. I would then find myself comparing my blog, thinking ‘they have such good content and photos’ and then leave myself feeling even more rubbish. Try to not compare yourself to other bloggers/blogs, easier said than done, I know. Focus on you, and your blog, this is something I have been trying so hard to do this year. Not letting myself feel bad that I’m sitting under a blanket whilst every other blogger seems to be on a luxurious press trip. Always remember to not compare your behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.

Think About What You Click On:

I sat down and thought about all the blog posts and videos that I click on. Then it made me realise that maybe I should be creating content like that too. What’s the point in creating blog posts that I’d never read myself in a 100 years. I just think that maybe if you’d read the post, you’re going to be more passionate about it which means you’ll enjoy creating it more.

Don’t Sweat It:

Blogging slumps don’t last forever. They’ll try to stick around for a while, but try to not let them. Sometimes I’ll say to myself, ‘enough now, let’s get on with this.’ You will push through and you will enjoy blogging again. Anyways, if in doubt, listening to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off usually sorts me out.

I feel like I’m coming out of the end of my blogging slump, I’m thinking of getting a new blog design and I took a few days this week taking blog photos which I’m so happy with. I realised that I needed to stop just waiting for my blog to become what I want it to. The only person who will make this happen is me. And it won’t happen when I’m on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. I have made a vow to work my arse off and make my blog what I want it to be. So who’s with me?

What do you do when you’re in a blogging slump?

BTW this is where the mug is from in the picture: it’s a custom one so I just asked for the quote to be put on it 🙂