What I Got For My Birthday

Last weekend it was my birthday. You can read my birthday post here if ya fancy, anyways I personally love posts about what people got for their birthday. It’s like my guilty pleasure because I am proper nosy. For example I am that person who will look through your bathroom cabinet when I use the loo in your house. But hey at least I’m honest about it.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you some of the lovely bits that I received for my birthday and well I wanted another excuse to photograph these 25 balloons cause they ended up costing a bit of a fortune in the end so I feel like I need to get my money’s worth haha.

First of all, I got a Fitbit which I was super excited about. I got this from my Mum and sister, I’ve been working out a lot recently (updated fitness post to come soon) so I’ve been intrigued by what I’ve been doing. It’s hard to track how many calories you’re burning or your steps on just your phone, so I was so excited to now have something to track it all on. I have to say, it’s so interesting! It has a sleep tracker and it knows when I’ve been restless or how many calories I burnt in my sleep ( I actually burn a fair few, I must sleep dance.) I’ll let you know a little further down the line on how I get on with it, as I’ve only had it a few days obviously right now. But so far, I’m finding it really interesting!

I got lots of cute stationery bits from my Mum, sister and Henry’s Stepmum and Dad. You can’t go wrong with stationery can you? From cute notepads, pens and desk planers, I have been using them all to plan content for my blog as I’ve been in one of my blogger slumps again! I have to say they are slightly helping so that’s good. I also got some candles which smell amazing, this coconut one is going to be saved for our new kitchen though as I think it will fit in with my proposed colour scheme very well! I also got some giant marshmallow which are amazing. They’re like the size of an apple but marshmallows. If you haven’t figured out by now, marshmallows are like my fave things ever.

Myself and Henry agreed to not really do presents this year as we’ve just bought a house, but he did get me a new Macbook charger as mine is almost on the way out and it was worrying him haha.

I also got some clothes and converse from my Dad, and a huge cookie from Laura and Sarah which is so good. How have I never had Millie’s cookies before?

I received some birthday money from Henry’s Mum and my Grandma so when I went to Chester on my birthday, I treated myself in Space NK. I was all set on just buying a Becca highlighter cause I love them, but then the shop assistant told me about the Champagne Pop palette which had just arrived in store. I’d seen this online, I’d watched Jaclyn Hill’s video and even put it in my online basket on Sephora before deciding it was too much of an extravagant treat for myself. Anyways, I was sold. It has two highlighters; Champagne Pop (which I already have but have hit pan on I love it so much) and Prosseco Pop ( a champagne highlighter) and three blush shades. It’s beautiful and it was the perfect birthday treat for myself. I can’t wait to use it, and I was a very happy girl when I got my hands on it!

So there are a few of my birthday treats 🙂 I have to say that being 25 feels no different to 24, though the other day I didn’t get ID’d for alcohol so that has automatically made me feel about 10 years older. Brilliant.