10 Pretty Free Fonts

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I almost can’t believe that I didn’t realise the world of free downloadable fonts existed till last year. I used to always struggle with finding fonts that I liked without knowing there were so many to choose from. I use fonts like this for a number of things, from YouTube thumbnails, to blog photo graphics, to even just using them for my own personal note taking, I find having some pretty fonts in your collection is so useful.

I haven’t done a font post in a while, so here is 10 of my current faves and they are all completely free, remember I don’t own them and their links are down below 🙂

Guld Script 

Stylish Calligraphy 

Alexia ( it’s actually Olesia- god knows what was going on when I did this pic) 



Janda Elegant Handwriting 

Conriea Script 


In Screaming Colour 


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Hope you enjoy and let me know if you’d like posts like this a little more often 🙂