20 Blush/Pink Things You Need In Your Wardrobe This A/W.

Considering the colours in my wardrobe usually look like something from the Addams Family colour palette, it’s probably a little unusual for me to be all over pink right now. The colour btw, not the singer, I mean as talented as she is, I have to say Pink, this isn’t about you love. Anyway, I’m not sure where my sudden love of pink (well blush pink) has come from tbh, it’s probably cause the shops are full of the colour and my subconscious is like ‘ooh pink.’

Though usually when Autumn rolls around, I’m like ‘excellent, I can wear all black again’ and I rub my hands together in glee. But this year, I’m adding all the pink to my online shopping basket. So I encourage you to do the same, of course I am thinking of pairing the majority of the stuff with blue/black jeans and jackets so y’know some things never change.

Anyway here are 20 items that I am loving right now and hopefully will give you some inspiration if you are loving a bit of pink (colour not the singer soz) right now.

Are you loving blush pink right now? Or just me?