My Fitness Routine

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I’ve never been someone to enjoy exercise or sport. I used to dread PE lessons at school, and I used to think of nothing worse than going to the gym. I was lucky that until my early twenties, I never had to worry about working out, or eating healthy. Although I am still naturally slim, I used to be super slim and I could eat as many KFC’s as I wanted and would never see a difference. But then the one thing that no one seems to tell you, is that one day in your twenties, you will put on weight, and in 2014, after a routine doctors appointment, I was shocked to learn I weighed a whole stone more than what I thought I was.

For the past two years, I’ve been very self conscious about my body. I used to love summer because it meant I could wear shorts, but I started to hate them. I felt conscious of my thighs, cellulite and where did this muffin top come from? I went from being pretty confident about myself, to my confidence being on the floor. I joined a gym a couple of times and started to eat healthier which meant I managed to shift the extra weight I’d put on from eating really badly pretty quickly. But I still haven’t been happy, I kinda accepted that this was my body now and it was okay. I was healthy, I still fitted into the majority of my clothes and if your thighs stick together it means you’re a step closer to being a mermaid right?

After Christmas last year, I started January feeling utterly rubbish, I’d eaten more quality street sweets than I care to admit to, and I was one step away from turning into a pig in a blanket, I’d eaten so many. I mean of course this is what Christmas is all about, but my clothes were tight, and I just felt bleh. I told myself I have two options; 1. Stop my moaning and just accept this is me. Or 2. Do something about it. Go work out, stop eating so much quality street and change my body. Surprisingly I went for option 2.

I started working out in January, I wrote this post in April which kinda describes my initial entrance into working out, but some things have changed since then. My whole outlook on exercising has totally changed. So basically, I just do fitness classes, and for me this has really worked. I used to find going to the gym a bit of a minefield, I never knew what I should be doing and I’d feel very self conscious being on the machines especially if there were big beefcakes around gurning into the mirror. But with fitness classes, you have a teacher telling you what to do, there’s no slacking, and I feel bad if I miss one.

So I tend to do 4-5 classes a week, Monday- Thursday, I also walk Frank every day too so that counts as exercise as well.

So the classes that I do are; Block fit x2 a week ( a combination of Zumba, combat, HIIT and yoga), intense cardio sessions, Body Blast ( a session which is kinda half HIIT and but not as hardcore, it’s all like toning and doing things like squats, lunges, abs, it’s basically like legs, bums and tums!) The timetable at the place where I work out is changing, so I’m going to be trying some different classes out, but I’ll let you know how I get on with them in a few months time! The classes I’ve spoke about are what I have been doing up till this point, to get me where I am now.

Whilst each class is different, they do have similar elements which has helped me to lose weight and tone up. They mostly include a little cardio, using body weight or actual weights and usually improving your core strength. A few of you tweeted me asking, how did I tone up my tummy? I personally have found that doing planks are one of the best ways to tone up your tummy. I do a plank every morning and I’ll hold one between 30seconds -1 min (depending on how I feel) and I have noticed such a difference in my muscle definition. So there’s a little tip for you šŸ™‚  Whilst I don’t find the classes easier, I do find that my stamina has been getting better, I still hate life a little whilst doing HIIT, but I’m not like ‘omg I’m gonna die.’ Like I was at the beginning.

Because I do enjoy the classes, I find that this motivates me to keep going and to try not and miss them. Some of you have asked me how I stay motivated, and it’s because I enjoy what I’m doing. I’d recommend dipping your toe into exercising by maybe trying different classes now and then and woking out what you prefer, then going from there. Build them up gradually, as this is how I’ve found the easiest way to get myself into working out.

For the first time ever, I enjoy working out and I’m seeing changes in my body. I feel 100% more confident, but I’m happy that I have a new hobby and it’s a new lifestyle change for me. Something I’ve learnt that I never realised before, that working out isn’t just a quick fix. You can’t just expect your body to change after a few gym sessions before you hit the beach, you have to be prepared to add it into your lifestyle and make room for it. It sounds daunting at first but in my opinion it’s so worth it, and I’m SO glad I decided to take the plunge to start going to classes back at the start of the year.

Although my eating could be better, which is why I’m not going to touch on it too much right now, I need to get better at understanding what my body actually needs. But I tend to try and be healthy Monday- Friday and then eat what I want over the weekend. It’s all about balance, but if you have any healthy recipe ideas, or boards on Pinterest, please let me know as I feel like I’m always lacking inspiration. But I have realised when I used to restrict my calories and not allow myself stuff, I’d be SO moody. It’s better to allow yourself to have stuff cause then you won’t crave it. Also I try to not buy junk food anymore cause if it’s not in the house I won’t eat it. But if I know it’s in the cupboard, I’m there like the Cookie Monster. But yeah I need to work on my eating, but I tend to eat a lot of wholemeal carbs like pitta bread, pasta (especially good for lunch before my evening workout) fruit ( i love strawberries, watermelon and bananas and eat these as my ‘pudding’.) I eat quite a lot of quorn, chicken, and if we’re having fajitas, I’ll have like one wrap and then just have salad. Or I’ll have sweet potato or salad when Henry has chips. It’s little things like that, that I try to do, but like I said my eating could be better!

So that is basically what I do fitness wise, I’m no expert obviously, but I think the results speak for themselves. I do still have a long way to go, but I do feel so much more confident already. Also please remember that I work form home, so if it seems ‘wow she does a lot, why can’t I do that?’ Don’t feel too bad, as I doubt I’d be doing so much if I didn’t work from home, but honestly, if you find exercise a chore, then perhaps try some classes; I’d recommend Zumba, Clubbercise, Jungle Body, as good fun ones to start with or perhaps look at timetables at local gyms and see what takes your fancy. If you’re worried about other people in the class, then please don’t, no one bothers what you look like or how well you’re doing. They’re too busy concentrating on themselves, and probably think you’re looking at them. Honestly.

Below is my latest video talking about my fitness routine and some FAQ’s that you guys have been asking me about working out šŸ™‚

But yeah that was a long ramble wasn’t it? Let me know if you want me to talk about anything else fitness related, as I’ve probably missed something but yeah tweet me or ask in the comments and I can either do another post (no not more rambling!) or can just reply back to you šŸ™‚

So do you do fitness classes? If so what do you enjoy?