Three Miracle Products For Spots

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I have struggled with my skin for the majority of my life. My first memory of getting spots was when I was still in primary school, I remember suddenly having an eruption of spots under my heavy curtain fringe.

15 years later and my skin woes are far from behind me, it’s something that I have realised I will probably have to deal with for the rest of my life, and well that’s that. But recently, I have found some products that have been amazing at helping reduce and clear up breakouts. I realised I had to write a post because they helped me clear up a huge breakout last month, and I will forever be grateful to them. 

So I’ve been using three Mario Badescu products, I’ve been a big fan of MB products for a good three years, his Glycolic Acid toner is my fave toner ever, and I’ve found his products don’t break the bank yet are usually effective.

Beauty, Skin, Skincare, spots, Mario Badescu, Beauty Bay, how to heal spots

I recently bought the Acne Repair Kit from Beauty Bay, as I wanted a new Drying Lotion but saw this kit and thought how it could help me out. It consists of three products; the Drying Lotion ( this is to use on spots with white heads, it’s one of the most popular spot treatments out there with Kylie Jenner and Ashley Benson being amongst it’s fans.) The Buffering Lotion (to help shrink and calm those awful under the skin spots.) Finally a Drying Cream ( a cream to help soothe and clear under the skin bumps.) The kit says that they know that not all spots are the same, so here is three products to tackle all kinds of breakouts. I was sold. I had two monster under the skin spots, some bumpy cheeks and some whiteheads, so I knew these products would help all the areas of my face. 

My fave product is the Buffering Lotion as this really helps to shrink under the skin spots. I had the biggest under the skin spot on my head last month. I’m not even joking, a family member who will not be named asked if ‘I’d bumped my head’ much to my embarrassment. This lotion which is a watery white liquid, has Zinc Oxide in, and helps to calm and shrink spots. Whilst the monster didn’t disappear over night, it reduced in size and was less angry and sore after just one application. I was like ‘THANK GOD!’ 

The drying lotion is great for your typical spot, it dries it out and shrinks it, it has sulphur and Salicylic acid to fight bacteria and calamine to soothe the spot. The drying cream is also amazing for bumpy areas of your skin, my cheeks are always bumpy and congested but this rather strange smelling product helps to smoothen things out. It doesn’t smell amazing but it works, it’s got zinc oxide in again to help provide a barrier for the skin and help it heal. 

All three products have been helping me to combat breakouts, I feel safer knowing I have these three in my bedside table, in case I do get another awful breakout. Though the kit isn’t the cheapest, it’s worth it in my opinion and I’ve barely used products that work so well on spots- well until now.

So these three are my spot saviours right now, if I ever met Mario Badescu, I’d shake his hand, as I’m a pretty happy lady. 

Have you ever used these products, or what do you use on spots?