Tips For When You’re Anxious About Travelling

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As you read this, I will hopefully be in Paris at Disneyland on a trip with a brand. I know right? I’m pinching myself right now. As exciting as opportunities like this are, one part of me will be screaming inside, running around like a child excited and the other part will be stood worrying about travelling and going on my own.

I made it no secret of how much of a Nervous Nellie I was before my Trek America trip last year, and this trip to Paris was my next trip abroad on my own. Being quite a homebody who has comfort from being around people they know, it is a massive step out of my comfort zone to go travel on my own. I thought that I would write about the ways that usually help me to calm down and relax when I go travelling as to be honest with you, even when I’m with people I know, I find travelling a bit of a stressful situation.

So if you get a bit anxious about travelling or going away too, then hopefully these will help you as much as they help me…

Be Organised: I find that being organised is an easy way to settle some stress and worry. Knowing where I have to be, at what time always makes me feel a little more in control. I will print out documents, screenshot tickets, plan my routes, check out trains, etc… well in advance so I have it all ready to go and I know what I’m doing. I personally can’t think of anything worse than not knowing what I’m doing or leaving it all to the last minute.

Have Everything Ready: When it comes to packing my luggage and hand luggage, I like to again pack it well in advance to make sure I have everything with me. I always panic a little about forgetting something important so I tend to make a list of what I want to take with me, and cross each thing as it goes into my bag. Again this makes me feel better as I know I have everything I want with me.

Take kalms/oils/travel sickness tablets: When you are anxious or stressed, you never know what your body is going to do. I have been physically sick with worry before flying in the past, so I tend to take a bag full of tablets,just in case. I have some travel sickness tablets that I always take before a flight, and have also taken calms and Rescue Remedy before when I’ve been feeling very anxious. I just think, if you have stuff with you and if you start to feel unwell, you’re prepared and it’s fine. Rather than say perhaps be stuck on a train/plane with no Boots near you to go get emergency supplies.

Take Comfy Clothes: Whether it’s for a car/train/ or plane journey, I find something that instantly relaxes me is being comfy. Taking some comfy clothes to change into or wear, will make you feel better and you can get all snuggly. I tend to take joggers with me and a hoodie when I fly so I can snuggle up as I usually get cold on flights. For train journeys, I try to not wear my too tight jeans and try to wear layers in case I get cold/hot.

Distract Yourself: Load your phone with music, or put films/tv programmes on your laptop/IPad to watch to distract yourself. I remember when I flew to America for the first time, I downloaded a whole series of Geordie Shore to watch on my iPad, the ridiculous antics made me temporarily forget how nervous I was and I soon found myself relaxing and laughing. I also find reading is a good distraction too!

Calming Apps/Videos: I listened and watched a lot of relaxing videos on YouTube before my Trek trip, they do actually work and these also might be good to download to watch when you’re on a journey. There are so many different things to watch on YT, so do some research before and find what relaxes you. You could also download some relaxing music from Spotify to listen to if this would help you to unwind as well!

Look At The Air Hostesses: This is something to do when you fly obviously, but one tip I learnt is to look at the Air Hostesses/Stewards as usually they will be calm and relaxed which means nothing is going on. If there’s some turbulence they’re usually still up and about, so it puts your mind at rest a little. I usually try to think ‘people do this as their job day in, day out and they are fine. So I can last this journey.’

Remember It’s Just A Few Hours: Travelling is a means to an end, just think that in a few hours it will all be over and you can get on with enjoying your trip. The plane journey is a means to getting to your holiday, and in the scheme of things is just a few hours. I usually think, this time tomorrow I’ll be on the beach, or this time tomorrow, I’ll be back at home off this train and absolutely fine. You have to remember it’s not forever, to try and relax as best as you can.

These things usually help me when I’m feeling anxious about traveling, I have gotten better as I’ve gotten older, and I always have to remember that stepping out of my comfort zone usually leads to amazing experiences. So I hope this helps if you have a trip planned soon, and please let me know your ways to relax during travelling.



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