UK Bath & Body Works Candle Dupes

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Every single Autumn, I curse the UK for not having Bath and Body Works. I want a shop dedicated to nice smelling things, okay so I know we have a plethora (ooh who swallowed a dictionary today) in the UK but it’s not the same as B&B is it? With their amazing range of Autumnal candles which always make me a little sad cause I’ll probably get never get my hands on one, I find myself searching high and low for affordable alternatives. 

However, I feel I have found some dupes which A. won’t have you reaching for your passport  for a flight to the US and B. Won’t cost your bank balance a small fortune. SO I had to write about these £2.99 dupes… yes that’s right £2.99! 

So these candles are from B&M Stores, I can’t totally take credit for finding these like a candle Sherlock Holmes, as I did spy these on Lauren’s Instagram last weekend. I then rushed off to go get some myself, and I can confirm you need to get your bums down to B&Ms right now. Okay maybe not right now, maybe finish your dinner, or whatever else you’re were doing first.

Lifestyle, Home, Candles, Homeware, Bath and Body Works, Bath and Body works dupe

There is a range of about 5/6 candles, I’ve seen different flavours in different stores that are a mixture of Autumnal scents. I decided to pick up Brown Sugar Allspice which smells like brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, which is absolutely perfect for Autumn. I also got Radiant Red Maple which is a mixture of apples, vanilla and cinnamon which I also love. They have the cutest packaging which is so similar to the Bath and Body Works candles, even the font is similar! 

So I’m not usually one for condoning outright copying, butttt I am going to let these slide. I’m currently burning the Brown Sugar Allspice one as we speak/type, and although it isn’t crazy scented as other candles such as Yankee Candles (or maybe even Bath and Body Works) you can smell it when you walk into the room. I don’t think it will last for ages, the label says 25 hours, but I think for £2.99 they are a pretty good buy and well they’ve cured my Bath and Body Works candle craving for now. My purse just signed a massive sigh of relief!

What’s your favourite Autumnal candle?