5 Things To Watch This Weekend

One of my favourite things about this time of year, is the fact that the grey dull weather is the perfect excuse for lazy duvet days on the sofa. Cause I don’t know about you, I always feel a bit guilty for lazing around when the weather is nice outside. So when Autumn comes around, I’m like ‘YES! Where’s my blanket?’ I thought I’d share some of my fave duvet day watches, after all with the weekend here, you may feel inspired to take a leaf out of my book and have a lazy day yourself!

Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging:

I had to include this British film as it was added to Netflix last week  and if you’re around the same age as me, you’ll probably already love this film as it just cracks me up whenever I watch it. It didn’t win any Oscars, but it’s feelgood, easy to watch and Robbie could win ‘the best looking male in a teen film’ award in my books! I’m so happy it’s finally on Netflix and I think I’m going to have to watch it this weekend to reminisce.

Hocus Pocus:

Of course with Halloween around the corner, it’s the perfect time for some slightly Halloween-y films. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to horror films, so I can never watch scary films over Halloween. Hocus Pocus is about as scary as stuff gets haha! Even though this was released in the 90’s, I only watched this for the first time last year when I bought it on dvd for cheap, crazy eh? Anyways it’s the perfect film to watch this time of year, and I am sure you will love it. Although it’s not on Netlflix, you can get it on dvd here and it’s less than a fiver, so definitely worth it.

The Addams Family :

Whilst we’re on the theme of Halloween, I couldn’t not include The Addams Family. This film was one that I watched loads when I was younger, this along with Beetlejuice! I used to wear my hair in plaits, go into nursery and demand I was called Wednesday, my report was even titled ‘Corrie or should I say Wednesday.’ My Mum always joked that most little girls wanted to be Disney princess’s yet I wanted to be Wednesday Addams. It’s no surprise why I love wearing all black all the time is it! Anyways, this isn’t scary, it’s funny, and I just love watching The Addams Family. This is one of the two films, the sequel The Addams Family Values isn’t on Netflix but it’s usually on one of the channels around this time of year! Watching The Addams Family is always a Halloween tradition for me, and I will be watching it over the next week for sure.

Gilmore Girls:

Recently I’ve started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning and I can’t tell you how happy it’s making me. I used to watch GG on E4 in the afternoons at uni, but I’d never watched it from beginning to end, just chipped in to episodes. I feel like it’s the perfect Autumnal watch, and it gives me an almost fuzzy warm feeling when I watch it. I just find it very comforting and I love Lorelei and Rory’s relationship. Perfect for binge watching, or putting on every afternoon whilst you do work *ahem*

Love, Rosie:

So I’m sure most of you have probably seen this film but if you haven’t you need to watch this as soon as you can. Love, Rosie is a British rom com and it’s amazing. It features Lily Collins (absolute babe) and Sam Claflin (also bit of a babe) and it’s such a nice, heartwarming film. I watched this for the first time on the plane to Vegas last year, and it made me feel comforted and happy. The other night when I was staying in London on my own, I got in my dressing gown and watched this in bed and it’s the perfect film to watch when you’re feeling a little homesick. It’s up there as one of my favourite films, and I cannot recommend it enough, a lovely film! It’s also on Netflix too, so get on that right now!

So there are five of my picks for things to watch this weekend, I think I’m going to keep binging on Gilmore Girls and of course try and fit in Hocus Pocus too!

What’s your fave thing to watch on a duvet day?