8 Weird Things That Happen As You Get Older

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I feel there should be a guidebook given out to all teenagers entitled ‘What To Expect In Your Twenties.’ Though maybe I’ve just had a million pound idea and now someone will nab that, okay well you can’t because it’s my idea and this is written proof okay? Anyway, I think if there was a book which was full of what to expect, then life would probably be a lot easier and maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t walk around feeling so lost all the time and constantly looking for a more grown up adult to help me with life stuff. Maybe.

In this book would be a chapter called ‘Weird Stuff To Expect’ because weird stuff does happen as you get older, you suddenly change and this realisation hit me last night when I was eating dinner at Henry’s Dad’s house. We were having chicken casserole which had mushrooms in and usually I will put the mushrooms to the side, cause gross, but last night, I was like ‘lets try this’ and then I was like ‘they’re not that bad’ and I ate them all. So weird. I then realised that night, that when you get older you suddenly start to do weird stuff like this and well I thought I’d write a post, cause one: it might make you feel less weird and two: if you’re a teen, you can read this and prepare yourself for your weird twenties.

1. You Now Eat Stuff You Used To Hate:

Vegetables, salad, olives, wine? Pass them all over to me. I’m quite the fan of broccoli these days, when I was younger I used to detest the  stuff and even my dad calling them ‘little trees’ couldn’t make me eat them. You suddenly find yourself liking these foods and wondering why you made such a fuss when you were younger. However, I don’t think I will ever get on board with ; beetroot, sprouts, green beans, peas or fish.

2. Your Christmas List Is Boring:

I used to make my Christmas list by taking a felt tip pen and circling all the toys I wanted in the Argos catalogue and then handing it over to my parents who would then laugh. These days, I’m dreaming about Santa bringing me new pillows for the bed, perhaps some new towels, and one or ten scented candles. (I fucking love a scented candle.)

3. You Notice Weird Stuff:

Ever since we bought a house, I’ve started to notice stuff that I never would have batted an eyelid at before. Front doors, windows, garages, ooh is there room to extend that house? Wtf? I keep looking at houses for front door inspiration and my main goal in life is to have a pastel coloured front door. Why do I care so much about front doors? Who am I?

4. You Can Never Get Too Much Sleep:

I am always tired. Everyone I know is always tired. You go away on a two week beach holiday and still come back TIRED. Being an adult is constantly being tired, if you’re young right now, nap and sleep as much as you can. You will not believe the joy that an afternoon nap will bring you as an adult.

5. You Will Say Stuff That Your Parents Say:

Let’s be honest, how many times growing up did you roll your eyes at your parents when they said: ‘you’ll catch a cold wearing that!’ ‘You need a proper coat!’ ‘You won’t be able to walk in those shoes’ ‘who left this door open? Were you raised in a barn?’ ‘Who left this light on? Do you think I’m made of money?’ I could go on, but you will find yourself saying this kinda thing all. the. time. God knows what it’ll be like when I have kids.

6. Nothing Excites You More Than A New Kitchen Tool:

Cooking is no longer just about boiling the kettle for pasta, or super noodles. No no as you get older you find yourself counting a garlic press as one of your most used items, apple corers are the bomb.com, literally anything like this amazes you. Walking round Lakeland is like an adults Toys R Us.

7. Your TV Habits Change:

I cannot deal with cartoons or some teen dramas anymore (so much angst) but as you get older you will love nothing more than a good documentary, a drama or wait for it Great British Bake Off. Yes GBBO will be the highlight of your week (though isn’t it everyone’s?) You’ll also say every now and then ‘ah they don’t make films/TV programmes like they used to’ whilst starting another episode of Friends.

8. People Start To Purposely Have Children:

I mean this is possibly the weirdest thing of all, when you realise people your age are deliberately having children. Planned children. You sometimes feel weird for not having a kid. My Facebook time line always blows my mind, here’s me getting excited over my garlic press whilst the girl from my French class has just popped out her third kid.

So there are a few light hearted things that make me laugh when I realise I am definitely getting older, I have to say I do enjoy my new hobbies, I mean I haven’t started going to garden centres on a Sunday or listening to Radio 2 just yet, but I am enjoying these cosy nights in with a candle.

Tell me something weird you’ve started to do as you’ve gotten older…