My Autumn Winter Fashion Essentials Inspired By Pinterest

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I basically use Pinterest for inspiration for every part of my life. But mainly for clothes and outfits. Over the past couple of years, my creativity for styling outfits has kinda gone to sleep. I no longer seem to get excited about shopping and whenever I go somewhere it’s like my brain won’t wake up to help me create an outfit.

Thankfully things like Pinterest exist which is my go to place for outfit inspiration. I see all the cool girls on there and it makes me want to be a bit more stylish and up my game a little. I thought that I’d compile a list of all my Autumn/Winter fashion essentials which have been inspired by the stuff I see on Pinterest every day.

Because I’m saving money right now, I haven’t been able to do much shopping this Autumn, however I thought if I post some stuff that I really, really wanna buy, I can live vicariously through you guys! As it’s always the way, the first time in ages that I’m excited about shopping and styling my wardrobe, and I can’t afford to do any of it. Typical eh? Anyways, here are some of my fave essentials right now that I have in my wardrobe/can’t stop wearing…

Faux Leather Biker

If you don’t see a leather biker jacket on your Pinterest time line at least once a day, just who are you following? No, I’m joking but the faux leather biker jacket is a must have for any season in my opinion. I love my jacket from Zara and wear it all year round. I always find it just finishes off any outfit and I’d never be without one. If you don’t have one and are looking for one on a budget, you must check out Forever 21 as they have so many right now all for under £30. Amazing. I’m wearing my biker jacket with everything right now, dresses, tees and jeans, in fact I’d wear it with my pyjamas if I could!

Printed Dresses

The only printed thing I like in my wardrobe these days, are dresses and playsuits. But mainly dresses cause playsuits are a right mare to go to the loo in. But one of my fave Autumn looks is a nice printed dress, tights, boots and a leather jacket. Sometimes if I’m feeling daring, I’ll throw in a fedora hat! But I love this look and think it’s perfect for daytime and nighttime. I am loving all these boho inspired dresses at the moment, Boohoo have some gorgeous ones right now.

Faux Leather Skirt

I’ve always been very wary of leather bottom items ever since I watched the Friends episode with Ross and the leather trousers. I mean some call that episode a comedy, to me it’s like a horror. Ah I jest, but it has put me off leather items ever since. Well of course apart from my biker jacket. Anyways, Pinterest has inspired me to try a faux leather skirt, I think these look amazing paired with band tees (more on those later) jumpers, ankle boots, and denim jackets. I think they can be dressed up for a night out, (band tee & heels/boots) or dressed down for the day (imagine a white jumper, with leather skirt, tights, boots and a denim jacket.) The only problem is finding one on a budget that doesn’t look cheap and tacky. I managed to find one from Primark for just £8 which was a right steal, but I’ve found ASOS stock some too which don’t break the bank or leave you looking like a bin bag!

Pink Trainers

These are so not usual Autumn/Winter attire, but right now I’m obsessed with pink trainers. I am obsessed with a bit of pink full stop right now but I seriously am lusting over some dusky pink Adidas Gazelles. The problem is that many other girls are also doing this too as they are out of stock everywhere in my size (nooooo!) Although they’d be a nightmare to wear, and way too pretty for rainy days, I still need a pair in my life! I’d wear mine with jeans, a tee/jumper and leather jacket. I feel they’d perk up a monochrome outfit, or all black outfit as I like to wear so often! I am tempted to ask Santa for a pair 😉

Western Style Boots

Some more footwear now, but I am loving western style boots atm. I have been searching for the perfect pair for a few years now, and it’s so annoying cause I feel I’ve found them but meh money! I love these ankle boots as they look so cute with dresses, but also with jeans too. I also think they’d look amazing in the summer with shorts and bare legs so you could really wear them all year (trying to justify buying a pair right now!) I fell in love with some Office ones which I saw Lauren wear, who I went to Disneyland with last month. She wore them with dresses and jeans (you can see her wearing them on her blog here) and I thought they were gorgeous. I am hoping that they go into the sale or I win the lottery so I can buy them haha!

Western Belt

Another western style accessory here, but I’m loving western style belts. I think they look amazing with jeans and really add something to an otherwise boring outfit. Asos and Boohoo have got loads to choose from which aren’t too expensive and I’m obsessed right now.

Band Tees

I saw a bit of controversy around band tees the other day on Twitter, and I think it’s one of those items that people get a bit salty about. Band tees have become a big thing in fashion recently and most high street stores now stock them, I can understand that it’s frustrating that now every person and their dog is basically walking round in Guns and Roses tees, and I do find it weird when I see like 12 year old kids wearing them but it’s a difficult one. Personally I don’t think people should get too het up about it, after all in life there is no biggest fan competition. And after all it’s 2016, you should be allowed to wear what you want and if that’s a band tee, then cool. I have got a few band tees in my collection which may make people roll their eyes, but in my opinion there’s no rule of you have to listen to a bands music all the time to wear their tee. But like I said people do get aggy about the situation. Anyways, I love this look paired with jeans and a biker jacket, or with a leather skirt, or shorts and tights, I think it’s a really cool look. Places like Missguided do a lot of band tee styles that doesn’t have a band on, so if you don’t want to wear a band or whatever, you can get the same look from that kinda thing. I know it’s a bit of a controversial one, but I personally don’t see the problem, you should be allowed to wear what you want.

Roll Neck Jumpers

Of course this is probably up there with the most obvious A/W staple. It’s like the line in The Devil Wears Prada ‘Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.’ However, once considered a bit dowdy, roll neck jumpers are a big thing. I am glad cause it means I can be cosy, warm and stylish, winner winner. I want a roll neck jumper in all colours and so I can then just rotate them every day. Ideally I want a nice thick black one and a white one too! Miss Selfridge have got a few nice ones right now, which I am eyeing up!

Suede Biker

Finally I’ll finish on another jacket that I really love the look of and Pinterest is loving right now. The suede biker is all over my Pinterest timeline and it’s got me digging out my tan one I bought last year. I love them paired with knitwear/jeans and I think they look really good with simple outfits. If money was no object, I definitely would have purchased a khaki and grey one this year as I love those colours at this time of year! Missguided have a huge array of colours, and although I can’t vouch for the quality or fit, they look pretty banging on the models!

So there are a few of my A/W wardrobe staples as inspired by the pins I’ve been pinning recently. I did want to do a collage of my favourite pins but I’m always a bit hazy about putting photos from Pinterest on my blog as it’s always hard to find the original owner and I know I’d go mad if someone used my pic with no credit. However if you do wanna see my pins and the items I’m talking about you can follow my Style board right here

I really wanna do some more fashion content going forward with my blog, I love outfit posts especially ones from the high street so let me know if this is something you’d like to see. Also if you know of any photographers or are one (they don’t have to be super advanced) who lives in Shropshire, please let me know as I’m looking to hire one on a regular basis for outfit shoots. Just because it’s hard finding someone I know to take pics for me and it’s not fair on Henry for him to spend his well earned weekends taking a million photos for me! Tweet me or email me if you know anyone 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post by the way, let me know your favourite places to shop right now for A/W clothes so I can window shop!

See you soon 🙂

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