50 Christmas Home Decorations You Need (That’s Right – Need)

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So to kick off Blogmas and my 24 days of Christmas posts, we’re going to talk all things Christmas decorations. After all, I couldn’t kick things off any other way could I? Decorating your house for Christmas needn’t be tacky, leaving it like a Santa’s Grotto, well of course you can if you want to, but I thought I’d share some of the decorations I’ve seen whilst window shopping, that are so pretty you will want them up all year round!

So here are 50, yes that’s right FIFTY Christmas-y home decorations you need this year. Your house will thank you and love you forever. Also remember that Christmas decorations are an investment piece as they never go out of fashion 😉

So there we go, what a selection of dreamy decorations right? I really feel like I need to stop saying dreamy, it’s making me feel a bit sick. Haha aren’t you excited for 24 days of posts like this (I promise they get better 😉 I’ve also added two winking faces into this post, can you wink at Christmas? I don’t know but I promise to stop winking so much for the next 24 days.)

I am actually going now, so tell me where have you seen pretty (definitely not dreamy) Christmas decorations this year?