Christmas Decoration House Tour

I think that I have probably started every Blogmas post this year with the line, ‘one of my favourite things about Christmas is…’ I mean I may as well just say that there is 17384 things I love about Christmas haha. But no today, this really is one of my favourite things about Christmas, you know this is probably in my top three of favourite things. So what is it? It’s Christmas decorations. I LOVE having the decorations up in the house, if I could, I’d have them up all year round.

I’m a big lover of fairy lights any time of year and my motto is ‘fairy lights are for life, not just Christmas’ so you can probably guess why I love this time of year so much. I’d cover the house head to toe in fairy lights, if I was allowed haha.

So let’s start with the main course of Christmas decorations, the tree. We bought this one from B&Q last year, as our previous one was a very cheap, sparse number. However, it’s looking a little lopsided thanks to Frank knocking into it a few times after barking at the postman. The fairy lights are from The Range, and the baubles are a mixture of silver, grey and white (with a couple of mis matches here are there!)

The decorations are from places like Wilko, The Range, The White Company, Charlie’s, Homesense and Primark. However this year, I added some new ones from Next this year, which I love. I am also cracking up at this Grinch decoration that Henry put on the tree last week.

We also have a few baubles that were presents, or some we’ve picked up ourselves. I bought a couple in Nuremberg to remind me of my trip there a couple of weeks ago. I also bought this Poodle decoration from Liberty’s last year as it reminded me of Frank 🙂

The star on top, is way too heavy but hey ho I think it adds a little character.

Next up is our window lights which I got from eBay. I really wanted to put lights on the outside of the house but Henry didn’t really get a chance to do it (though I don’t think he was that keen if I’m honest. Next year though, he doesn’t get a choice haha!) The stars are a little lopsided but they were only cheap so at least they add a little festivity to the house!

Next to the TV, I have this sign from Wilko’s which I really liked, a jar with some fairy lights that I made last year and my Yankee Candle wax burner to burn all my Christmas scented wax melts.

Then we have a new fireplace woo, I’m so excited about finally having a fireplace which definitely makes me sound like I’m 72. I’ve got this garland from Next which I love, as I’ve always wanted a garland but never had the room before. The fireplace isn’t a 100% finished yet, but the decorations hide the little unfinished bits.

I’ve also got this Christmas sign from Next which I also love! In the ‘fireplace’ is a lantern also from Next which I’ve filled with baubles and fairy lights. Then I’ve got all my Christmas candles (which you can read about my faves here) and then this star which I love which is also from Wilko’s.

Next we move to the kitchen/dining room, where I’ve got a few little festive touches. I’ve put some fairy lights on the bar cart and then also used my light box where I’ve put a Christmas quote. I may mix it up each day and use a different quote.

Then I’ve got this tree which I got from a car boot in October for just £3.50! Bargain of the century, I’ve put some fairy lights on it though and it looks so cute! I love it.

I think it doesn’t look too in your face Christmassy which suits the kitchen (which btw, in January I will do a full reveal of the kitchen/dining room!)

Then on the dining table, I just have some Christmassy pot purri from Wilko’s which smells amazing. It’s the winter one and I recommend getting it, cause the scent is SO nice! I’ve just put it in a vase and added some fairy lights on the table too and think it all looks quite nice 🙂

And that is is really for the Christmas decorations, I have the old Christmas tree in my office, which I did put up with the intention of having it in the background of Christmas videos, but then I was a fail whale and didn’t get any filmed! But the bedroom isn’t that Christmassy, well I put some fairy lights on the bed but they’re up all the time haha!

But that is our little festive house, it feels so cosy and I will be sad to take the decorations down in January, but hey let’s not think about that just yet!

So with the big day looming, I still have a whole list as long as my arm of jobs to do, so I’d better leave you now to crack on with them. See you tomorrow!