Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!!

I just wanted to pop in very quickly to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I promise I won’t keep you too long.

I hope you all have an amazing day whatever you are doing, we are cooking Christmas dinner for my family and Henry’s, so as you read this, we will probably already be peeling potatoes haha!

But I first of all wanted to say, a huge thank you to any of you who have read, or kept up to date with any of my Blogmas posts. I have had such a ball creating all of my Christmas posts, and it’s something I definitely want to do again next year. You’ve all been so lovely about the posts which has really spurred me on and kept me motivated. I was a fail whale with Vlogmas so I am very happy that I managed to keep myself going with Blogmas and never missed a post.

I’m not sure if I’m going to blog over the next couple of weeks, as I’m going to take a little break away from my laptop. My head feels like a computer with too many tabs open and I feel like I need a bit of a break away from the internet! I may pop a post up before the year ends, but I’m going to see how I feel. However if I don’t get one up, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for reading and supporting me and my blog in 2016. I have had another great year of doing amazing things and being able to create content for you guys. I haven’t been on top form this year, but I am determined that hopefully after a little break over the next few weeks, I’ll be back ready for 2017 and to make it a very successful year (hopefully!)

Anyways, I am waffling on, so I will leave you now. But have a lovely Christmas, I hope you all manage to get some rest over the festive period and of course eat all of the food! I possibly might see you before 2017, but if I don’t, have a very Happy New Year.

See you soon, lots of love

Corrie x