My Christmas Wishlist

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With Christmas being just around the corner, I thought today would be the perfect time to post my Christmas Wishlist. Personally, I love posts like this as I’m really nosey and it also gives me inspiration for my own wish lists. I love seeing what people want or are loving right now, so I thought I’d do my own post for any other fellow nosey Nora’s and just in case any of my family/friends read my blog and are thinking ‘what does Corrie want for Christmas?’ Well I’ve got you covered and it saves you that awkward call, where I’ll deny that I want anything…. Nah I’m just kidding, but hey yes here’s what I’d love from Santa, but y’know Christmas isn’t about the presents, it’s about spending time with your family (and eating all the food.) 

There’s a few make up bits that I would love, but can’t justify buying myself, they include the new highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which looks so so good! My Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow palette also recently ran out which I’ve been a bit devastated about, so I’d love a new one as it really is the best bronzer around! Tbh anything Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics wise is a winner, am I right ladies? 

I’m always a sucker for home ware, and with us buying our first home this year, I am more into home ware than ever! Candles always go down well with me, a new Yankee Candle always brings me a lot of joy, as would a White Company one too! But tbh, any candle is always a winner! 

I’ve been eyeing up these pink Adidas Gazelles for a couple of months now, one night I even almost pressed confirm order but then they sneakily sold out in my size ( I do think that my bank card made this happen!) So surely cause I’ve been so good, I deserve them for Christmas right? Anyway, I love these, I don’t know if I’d ever wear them out the house cause they’re SO PRETTY, but you know, it’d be nice to have them to stare at! I’d also love a new pair of Vans, I wear mine to death so a new pair would be amazing, I feel like all of sudden Vans have got really popular again? So these will probably be on a lot of people’s wish lists but oh well, you can’t beat a good pair to wear with jeans! I’ve also been eyeing up some western style boots from Office, I’m hoping that there will be some crazy Christmas sale and I can finally make these boots mine! 

A bit of a weird one, but coffee table books would also go down vey well (well as long as they’re pretty that is!) I do need to buy a coffee table soon, and having a couple of interesting/aesthetically pleasing books to put on it would be amazing! 

Also pj’s are also always a winner with me, especially if they’re from Victoria’s Secret, oh boy you’d forever be on my Christmas present list if you bought me those dreamy pyjamas! 

In all seriousness though, Christmas really isn’t about the presents, I think I love Christmas so much cause it’s such a nice time of year to spend with your family, eat a lot and just chill out. But hey it was fun creating my online wish list! 

What’s on your Christmas wish list and don’t tell me nothing cause there must be at least one thing that you’d really love!