My Five Favourite Christmas Films

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One of my favourite things about Christmas time, is chilling out on the sofa with a Christmas film playing. I literally live for Christmas films, in fact I count down the days till the Christmas channels come on the TV and then watch them pretty much 24/7. Honestly it’s funny cause it’s true! But we all have our favourite classic films and I thought it might be fun to tell you mine, I always think you can tell a lot about a person by which Christmas films they like, next time you go on a first date, ask them their favourite and you’ll instantly know whether they’re the one or not haha. 

So In no particular order (okay I will tell you my ultimate favourite but the other four are in no order 😉 ) 

Home Alone 1 & 2 

I’m going to include both Home Alone films as one choice cause technically they’re the same thing. But I have always loved Home Alone, even though I used to be terrified as a child that the same thing would happen to me, although my mum and Dad had 2 kids not 16 haha. As an adult I can’t help but think things like ‘jeeez if I were Kevin, I’d be happy to be alone and away from that horrible family’ and ‘I wonder how much the mortgage is on that huge house!’ But it’s a classic and one that has taught me several skills on how to injure burglars if I’m home alone (haha I joke.) I love Home Alone 2 slightly more, just because it’s set in NYC ( my favourite city!) 

Love Actually 

This is my Christmas Eve film, though ITV2 usually shows this in July so I do tend to watch it then also, but usually I will make Henry sit and watch it with me on the 24th December. Love Actually is just such a feel good film, it makes you laugh, cry and wish that Hugh Grant was the prime minister. It’s a classic and even though I’ve watched like 2726 times, there’s certain bits that always still make me chuckle (i.e Hugh Grants face when his bodyguard starts carolling!) 

The Holiday 

Another rom com that is anther festive favourite of mine (funny that Corrie considering this is your five favourite christmas films!) It’s not a typical Christmas film, but it’s feel good and festive towards the end! It’s always longer than i remember but it’s such a good film and one that I love watching in December under a duvet. I remember I went to watch this at the cinema with my friends and crying at the bit when Jude Law’s characters daughter says about them being ‘the three musketeers’ as it reminded me of me and my family. It’s another one that will make you laugh and cry, and also swoon at Jude Law. SO good! 

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas 

This one I feel is a love or hate film, but I love The Grinch. I didn’t get to watch it last year but I must  this year. We used to watch this a lot when we were kids and as it had just come out on video. I love the little town that it’s set in and I’ll never get over how Cindy Lou is Jenny Humphries in Gossip Girl! Also I’ve always wished that I have one of those fairy light shooter things for decorating as that is my dream! 


Okay so I’m going to let you in on a secret, ELF is my all time favourite Christmas film. Yep that’s right, my number one! I didn’t watch this for a few years even though everyone would rave about it, but then I watched it on TV as it’s usually shown on a Sunday in the lead up to Christmas and I loved it. I always try to save ELF and watch it right before Christmas but I do usually end up watching it a couple of times! Buddy the Elf is my Christmas hero and as soon as November 1st hits, I walk round saying stuff like ‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear!” I also love that it’s set in NYC, and yeah it’s just my favourite and i love it! 

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So there are my five ultimate favourite films, other classics are The Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, Jingle All The Way, and Henry’s favourite is Arthur Christmas. 

So now it’s your turn, what is your favourite Christmas film?