Welcome To Blogmas!

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So it’s the first of December, erm how did that happen? No, before I go on about how much I can’t believe it’s December and blah blah, I’m gonna stop myself, because we could be here all day! So back in November, I was being a keen bean and planning all of my Christmas blog posts. I managed to make a pretty big list and I was like ‘you know what, there’s enough here for every day basically.’ Then because I had been cooped up in my bedroom with Frank for almost three weeks thanks to our kitchen being renovated, I had an idea. One which was definitely fuelled by me going a bit mad from being stuck in a bedroom, and from some weird fumes from the toaster after I’d burnt a cheese scone (don’t ask.)

Anyways, I decided I was going to do Blogmas. Dun de duh (that’s like a suspenseful noise btw) so Blogmas is pretty self explanatory but basically, I am going to be blogging every single day until Christmas day and then I never will again. Nah I’m just kidding, but no I will be blogging every day now until the 25th.

So as you can probably imagine, every post is pretty much Christmas themed, so if you don’t like Christmas you probably won’t like my blog for the next month haha, come back in January! I haven’t been the best blogger this year, so I am excited to be putting some love into my blog this month. However cheesy as that sounds, it’s been nice, this past month working on posts and actually enjoying it.

That is why things have been pretty quiet on here (not that I expect anyone to notice cause I’m not that self absorbed, but if you have then thanks 🙂 and this is why) I’m not good on focusing on lots of different things, so I’ve been plodding along with all my Christmas posts and fingers crossed you will enjoy them 🙂

So the logistics will be, cause I am going to be an organised Olivia with a schedule. A new blog post will go live every day at 8am, I thought that this would be a good time, if you want to read on the way to work, having breakfast, etc… and then I’m also going to attempt to do Vlogmas, which means I’ll be daily vlogging (hopefully) too on my YouTube channel. New vlogs will be going up at 6/7pm – I haven’t decided what time yet, but that’s what I’m thinking right now!

You can follow my blog on Bloglovin, so you never miss a post, I’ll also be posting links on my Twitter and Instagram so don’t worry if you miss it at 8am. I am a little excited to start getting these posts out as I have worked so hard on them and I hope you enjoy them!

If you have any Christmas post requests, then please let me know, and if it’s not on my list, I may be able to whip something up for you! But down below is a little sneak peek of what’s to come…

So that’s enough of me waffling and taking up your time, I have another post going live at 12pm today, and then from tomorrow it will be 8am woo! So I really hope you enjoy the next 24 days of posts, and don’t forget I’m vlogging too!

Okay I’m really going now, see you soon!! xx