10 Bloggers & YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

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So one my ‘realistic’ goals for 2017, was to be more supportive for fellow bloggers and YouTubers, as I know too well how the blogging and YouTube world can be alienating at times. I often feel alone as I scroll through Twitter or sometimes I will feel no one reads my posts. But when I thought about it, I thought how I rarely comment or tell someone that I loved their post/video and if I don’t do it, how can I expect anyone to do that for me?

So today, and well I know I’m a little late into my new years resolutions but hey better late than never, I am going to share some of my current fave bloggers and YouTubers.

Let’s start with bloggers :

Lauryn: The Skinny Confidential: I’m just going to put it out there right now that Lauryn is my new girl crush. She is the ultimate girl boss and is so hard working, knowledgeable and well everything. I found her blog over Christmas (where have I been?) and I love every single post she posts. I feel like we’re a kinda similar and everything she talks about, I basically go and buy. My bank balance isn’t so favourable about Lauryn however. She got married last year and her wedding posts have been giving me so much inspiration for ours next year (a fellow all black everything girl) basically I know you will all love her so go over right now and go read all her posts, you won’t regret it.
Fave Post: Wedding Part 1 

Carrie: Wish Wish Wish: Whilst we are talking about wedding posts, I must mention Carrie. I have been a big Wish Wish Wish fan for years, but her wedding month posts have been amazing whilst I’ve been trying to get my wedding planning spark back. She has created so many innovative wedding posts and her wedding was so beautiful. Her blog is amazing in general and I always love Carrie’s collages and outfit photos.
Fave Post: My Top Etsy Shops For Wedding Supplies

Paula: Thirteen Thoughts: I love Paula’s blog and it is so helpful when it comes to blog and photography tips. Her posts on SEO and photography are my favourites and always really help me out. Her pictures are always gorgeous too!
Fave Post: 7 Ways To Up Your Pinterest Game 

Fee: Make Up Savvy: I’ve been an avid Make Up Savvy fan for years (and years) and I love Fee’s blogging tips post (her recent one on making sure Bloglovin doesn’t swallow all your page views was a real game changer!) Her eBay posts are always amazing for finding cheap blog props and home ware!
Fave Post: Could Bloglovin Be Doing A Disservice To Your Blog (and how to change it)

Sophie: Sophie’s Make Up: I will say right now that hands down Sophie wins best blog photography award for me. If only I could make my photos look as pretty as hers! I love Sophie’s blog and I’m sure you will too, her flat lays are on point and also Sophie is a genuinely lovely girl too.
Fave Post: Wintertime Pick Me Ups 

Olivia: Lust Living: if you’re looking for some home decor inspo, then Olivia’s blog is the one for you. I have found so many great home ware brands from reading Olivia’s blog, she seems to find really unique small brands that sell the most amazing home ware. She also has a huge obsession with blush pink and gold, so it’s no wonder that I am obsessed with anything she posts!
Fave Post: Scandinavian Dressing Table Featuring The Perfect Mongolian Sheepskin Stool


Lucy Wood: Ah I love Lucy so much, she is funny, relatable and an all round mega babe, who I know you will all love. Her videos always seem to say what I am thinking. She is the kind of person you will watch and feel like you’re chatting to your pal over some wine. She’s amazing and if you do one thing today, you should go subscribe to her.
Fave Video: Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Claudia Sulewski: Okay so you’ve probably heard of Claudia already as she’s a pretty big American YouTuber, but I wanted to include her as she is one of my faves. Her videos are always so creative and well edited, I feel she really sets the bar high for ‘beauty gurus.’ She’s incredibly creative, funny and also gorgeous. I love how she executes her videos and she always inspires me to work harder on my own.
Fave Video: A Day In My Dreams

Sophie Belle: If you had to imagine a Disney princess in real life, I would imagine Sophie. The sweetest girl possibly on YouTube. Her videos and vlogs are an instant ray of sunshine and always cheer me up if I’m feeling a bit grouchy. She recently started a vlog channel with her fiance Dave and I’ve been loving watching their vlogs, they are such a cute down to earth couple. I find myself just smiling when I watch their vlogs, which sounds a bit creepy but really, it’s so nice to watch such a positive happy couple and also if you’re a big Disney fan then you will definitely love Sophie!
Fave Video: Meet My FiancĂ© 

Carly Rowena: One of my fave fitness girls has to be Carly, who makes fitness not seem super scary. Yes she has a ridonklous body (props to anyone who gets this How I Met Your Mother reference) ((can you tell I’ve been watching it again lately?)) She seems to live a normal lifestyle, you know not one that means eating only green kale and doing 3635 workouts a week. Carly is so lovely, literally so lovely, hardworking and down to earth. She deserves every success and more. I always love her one song workouts as they’re quick and easy to follow. Also huge shout out to Zanna and Alice who I also go to for fitness inspo!
Fave Video: Love Handles & Muffin Top Melter 

Who are your fave bloggers and YTer’s right now? Hook me up as I always adore finding new people to follow!