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One of my favourite types of posts to read is ones that give me a better insight into bloggers and their lives. What can I say, I’m a nosey Nora. I thought I’d post today about some of my recent instagram pics and also some behind the scenes photos from my camera roll and we can have a bit of a catch up.

So let’s start shall we?

Firstly, I’ve almost been feeling a bit of pressure recently when it comes to Instagram. I love Instagram don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I get the feeling it’s a little too set up? You know like super posed pictures, and pictures that you know happened weeks ago. I always think that Instagram has been a bit like that and well I’m more than happy to indulge in a little of this myself, but sometimes it makes me feel the pressure. Like when I’m having a week just working at home, I’ll stress that I have nothing to Instagram. I feel like my phone takes pictures like it’s a potato and I just get freaked out when I go through my feed and it seems everyone else has a personal photographer and is travelling the world.

As much as I love an Instagram theme, it also limits a lot what you upload. Sometimes I think shall I just scrap the theme? But then the other part of me does enjoy having a theme, I’m a huge control freak and find editing photos to be much more calming than those adult colouring books. I sometimes feel like my Instagram theme is the only thing I’m in control of (oh boy, a psychologist would a have a field day with this wouldn’t they?) But yeah, I sometimes don’t know what the right thing is to do and I do think that I over think my Instagram. But anyways, little rant over, here are some pics that I’ve been sharing recently.

Our kitchen and dining room is pretty much finished (finally!) and I can’t wait to show you all. I have filmed the majority of the reveal video and taken the photos, just need to film some other bits and write up the post now. But I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get both the video and post up by this weekend! These prints are from Etsy and The House Outfit which is my new fave homeware store! Also this is Mr Frank being a little helper whilst we were putting them up!

I am so obsessed with this pink biker jacket that I picked up from Primark a couple of weeks ago. It’s such good quality, I can barely believe it was only £23- absolute bargain! I can’t wait for Spring to arrive properly so I can wear this more regularly, thinking it will look lovely with some blue jeans.

I’m still on the fitness bandwagon, and I recently joined a new gym, and I’ve been trying lots of new classes out. I am a big fan of Body Pump, however I thought I was fit, till I did Body Attack, and then I tried to stay at the back, and to not projectile vomit haha. Anyways, as much as I love my classes, I do struggle with the healthy eating side of things.

But I’ve been trying this Wellthos box which is a healthy subscription box which I love the idea of. It’s full of healthy but seriously good treats. It’s been set up by two people who I went to school with and I’ve genuinely found some really good brands from trying the box. The Protein Ball Co balls are my new fave snack and I need to get some more Doisy and Dam chocolate in my life. Also my lovely friends at Wellthos have given me a discount code for you guys to use, type: WELL10 to get 10% off your first box! Well worth a try!

A total contrast now, we had an early Pancake day treat the other weekend at Chez Sophie, which is a pancake house in Shrewsbury. I would totally recommend popping in to try their Creme Egg range before Easter. Their Creme Egg milkshake is out of this world. SO GOOD.

My go to outfit these past few months, has been for sure my fluffy coat from Missguided and my black jeans. Very exciting as usual! I am hoping to get some more style posts up on my blog and Instagram soon, in fact I’m meeting up with a couple of photographers this week to discuss working with them regularly. So hopefully more outfit posts will be coming soon and I’ll try and promise they won’t just be all black outfits all the time haha.

Finally some some extras from my camera roll.

My camera roll is 90% pictures of Frank, but I don’t tend to share that many, as I never want to be the person who just shares pictures of their dog, however I couldn’t resist showing you these.

This was Frank on the sofa and his face just cracked me up bless him, he reminds me of that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler are having their Engagement announcement photo taken and Chandler can’t smile.

I kept showing the picture to Henry and laughing and Henry was just like ‘it was funny the first time, however not so much for the twentieth time Corrie.’

Finally here is an insight into my life as this is what happens every time I get the cheese grater out. Frank seems to have a cheese sixth sense, and always runs in just as I start to grate! How can I resist that face though?

Hope you’ve all had a great February, I still can’t believe we’re in March already!

What have you guys been up to?

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