Wedding Planning Update

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Well hello there! Shall we have a catch up about the wedding?

Okay cool, grab a cuppa and we’ll get to it.

I realise that I’ve not really spoke about anything wedding related on here since last Summer, which is quite a long time ago now. To be honest, nothing really happened towards the latter part of 2016, with all our energy going towards the house move, kitchen renovations and Christmas. But here we are in 2017, and so far wedding planning has been a success. Woohoo.

Although our wedding isn’t till next year (May to be precise) we still have loads of time, however I am aware of how fast time goes ( I mean it’s March already, how?) and it’s crazy to think that last April, we booked our wedding venue and now that’s almost a year ago. Insane.

So I am trying to be all organised, as it seems that most wedding vendors tend to book pretty quickly, *you have to be an eager beaver in this wedding game, let me tell you.*

So just where are we with wedding planning?

Okay so we’ve booked the venue and secured the date which we did last April, and I feel a little weird about sharing too much wedding stuff just yet, so hold your horses. However I will give you some sneak peeks into our venue and what it’s like.

Basically I found the venue on a wedding blog, it was massively renovated last year, in fact when we went to go look round it, it wasn’t even finished. But we could see how amazing it was going to look. We really struggled finding a venue, as so many were either super traditional, crazy expensive, or just not what we wanted. I am officially the world’s fussiest person when it comes to anything in life, so you can imagine what I was like going round venues.


I knew from the first time I found our venue online, it was the one. It’s about an hour and a half from where we live, which is a little annoying but y’know swings and roundabouts. It’s set in a big house and there’s loads of options for how we can have our day, which is exactly what my little anxious mind wanted. I have this massive fear that it’ll rain on our wedding day and the last thing I want is bored or cold guests, so I wanted to make sure we were getting married somewhere that would be fine in all weather situations.

The venue is perfect for a sunny day but also a rainy day, as there is loads to do. From acres of land where we can set up games, to a downstairs games room for if the weather is *ahem* a bit dodge. We have the option to get married outside *however I will have to take about 21 anti histamines to make sure my eyes don’t stream* or get married inside. We took my Mum to see the venue a couple of weekends ago, as she hadn’t been out to see it yet, and we went on a grey, cold Sunday and the place still looked beautiful. So I thought, ‘well if it looks good on a groggy February afternoon, it should be absolutely fine in May.’

The one feature which I loved, was the marble floor in the reception room, I mean come on just look at it! Although sometimes I feel like we will never have money again, I know that the venue is beautiful and we will have an amazing day.

It also has accommodation which means our nearest and dearest can stay at the house with us (AFTER PARTY!) and then join us for breakfast the next morning. We liked this idea as it makes the wedding into a weekend rather than just one day/night *basically I am a brat and I want the attention on me for as long as possible!!! Haha!)

So the venue is ticked off the checklist, over the next few months we need to decide our menu *possibly going to be the hardest part of the wedding planning haha* drinks, and decorations.

We have also booked our photographer and videographer, I wanted to try and get this done pretty soon as photographers get booked up so quickly. I knew it was going to be a really hard decision so I took my time looking through websites and blogs. I’d then show each one to Henry, who would proclaim ‘Corrie, this one looks identical to the last one.’ I roll my eyes.

However, after having a Skype call and narrowing it down to two photographers, I pretended I was Simon Cowell at Judges Houses and made the final decision with Henry’s nodding of the head in the background. I am so happy with our choice and I feel we’ve picked a talented lovely photographer and I can’t wait to see her photos already. I showed my friend Sarah and she was like ‘SHE’S SO PINTEREST.’

Our videographer, was Henry’s choice as he personally knows our videographer. I think this is nice though as it makes it a little more personal and after all although I like to act like I am Beyonce, we don’t usually have cameras in our face recording our every move, so it will be easier knowing that it’s someone we know behind the camera. He also has a drone, so Henry is pretty happy.

We recently sent out our save the dates and we used the lovely Amanda for these (ooh look at me letting you in to a secret) and she did an amazing job of creating what we wanted. We went to her with a pretty vague brief and she took it and created something we are so pleased with. We are so happy with the STD’s ( I am getting married I shouldn’t laugh at this abbreviation) and can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the invites and stationery for the day.

We also finally decided on the colour theme, which I’m not even joking has taken about 12 months to decide. People kept asking us ‘what’s your colours’ and I’d be like ‘eh?’ However, we finally decided and tbh you can probably guess them, but we’re really happy with our choices and I think they’re very us. After all your wedding needs to represent the two of you.

I think that is all we have done for now, there is still so much to do, I never realised how much you need to do when planning a wedding until we got engaged. I literally used to think it was just finding a dress, venue, suits, invites and food. I didn’t know about all these other things such as registrar’s, decorations, licenses, etc… anyways we are getting there slowly but surely. I am literally so excited for wedding dress trying on, flower shopping and honeymoon planning, but I’m trying to slow myself down haha.

Please let me know if you’re getting married soon, how’s your planning going? Or if you are married do you have any tips for me?

Speak soon! x