The Best Things About Having A Dog

A few weeks ago, I posted about the things I’ve learnt since having a dog, with some realities vs expectations. However today, I thought I’d post about the best things about having a dog. Although having a pet is hard work and a huge responsibility, it’s incredibly rewarding. Recently I’ve been really appreciating Frank and how I don’t know where I’d be without him. So when I was thinking about how rewarding being a dog owner is, I thought I’d write a post on it, and hopefully one of you will be as crazy dog lady as me!

1. They’re Always Happy To See You: It doesn’t matter if you’ve been away for 5 minutes to pop to the shops to get some milk, or been on a 3 week holiday, as your dog will always be happy to see you. Frank bounds down the stairs, and can’t control himself, it never fails to make me smile. He sometimes even does it when I’ve been upstairs for a couple of minutes, it’s like he’s always happy to be back in the same room as me. It melts my heart and you’d never ever get that same response from a human!

2. They Don’t Care What You Look Like: 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your slouchiest clothes or have had a bit of a disaster with the fake tan. Your dog will always be there to love you no matter what. They don’t care what you look like and they’re so incredibly loyal. I often think that I could learn a thing or two from dogs, as they really do unconditionally love you. Okay sorry that’s really soppy I’ll stop now. 

3. They Will Always Think They’re A Puppy: 

One thing I love about Frank is that I think he thinks he’s still a puppy. He’ll sit on my lap even though he’s basically the same size as me, and loves nothing more than cuddling into you. I always feel so content and happy when he’s sat with me, and I’m happy for him to sit on me and give my leg cramp all day long if that makes him happy. In fact I get disappointed when he doesn’t want to sit with me hah! I’m such a needy dog mum. 

4. The Responsibility & Hard Work Of Having A Dog Is So Worth It: 

Having a dog is a huge responsibility and your main priority as their owner is to keep them safe and healthy, and the hard work is 100% worth it. From over the past four years, we have realised that although at first, having a dog may seem a daunting task, you soon find ways that mean being a dog owner doesn’t need to be that hard. There’s little things you can do to keep your dog healthy. From keeping up to date with worming and flea treatments (vets and pet shops do subscription services so you don’t have to worry about falling behind with treatments) to finding a really good vets for their yearly booster jabs, to keeping on top of their dental health. 

If you have a dog like Frank who is a bit of a monkey when it comes to sitting still, then things such as Pedigree Dentastix’s are your best friend when comes to keeping their teeth healthy. You may not think that dog dental care is a priority for  our pets but it really is. Although they don’t need to worry about whitening their teeth, or anything like that, keeping their teeth and gums plaque free is incredibly important. Dentastix are like a treat for your dog, so they’ll enjoy them whilst they’re actually good for them too. Frank loves sitting on the sofa with one in his paws. Dentastix have been a regular buy in our household since Frank was a puppy. You can two flavours too, a regular version and a minty one too, Frank loves both flavours and we try to give him one most days. 

The Dentastix helps to keep his teeth, gums and mouth healthy. Their gentle abrasive texture combined with the active ingredients work with your dogs saliva, which then helps reduce the build up of plaque and tartar. I never really knew how common gum disease is in dogs, so when I did some reading up, I knew I had to be better with Frank’s dental health as I always want to ensure he’s healthy.

 Dentastix are also low in fat, have no added sugar, and are free from artificial colours and flavours. The sticks are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build up (which can lead to gum disease) by 80% when fed daily. It also helps to freshen their breath which can be a little *pongy* at times, I mean we’ve all heard the phrase dog breath! It’s one of the easiest ways to look after your dogs teeth, and because Frank actually enjoys them, it’s completely stress free, which means it keeps me a happy owner too haha! 

5. They Help With Your Mental Health 

One of the main responsibilities about having a dog is walking them. Sometimes I’ll look out the window when it’s raining, and going for a walk is the last thing I want to do, but I know I have to do it. However rainy walks aside, my daily walks with Frank have actually been a great help some days when I’m having a bit of a rubbish mental health day.  Getting outside, saying hello to people and other dog walkers, actually many times, has improved my mood. Perhaps if I’m having a bit of a bad day, or feeling a bit anxious, it’s amazing what going for a walk can do for you. I also find that sometimes when I’m feeling stressed, or again anxious, sitting with frank can help to calm me down. Experts have found that stroking/petting/being with your dog can release feel good hormones such as serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin which does have an effect on your happiness and stress levels. So basically having a dog is good for you! 

6. You Never Feel Alone: 

I work from home, and that means that things can get a little lonely from time to time. However, with Frank I never feel like I’m totally on my own, and although he can’t talk, just him being there can make me feel better. Though, I sometimes have to be careful as I do find myself talking to him like he’s a human, and I bet people on our walks think ‘is she really talking to her dog like it’s a person?’ and the answer is yes, yes I am. And I bet you do it too!

7. They make you appreciate the little things in life: 

When I asked Henry, ‘what’s the best thing about having a dog?’ He said that it was the joy that such simple things brings Frank. For example, just throwing a ball makes him so happy, or a run in the field. It makes you realise that the littlest things are the most important, and seeing your pet happy, makes you happy. Dogs make you realise, that life doesn’t always have to be full of big movie moments, but sometimes the simplest things can bring a smile to your face or make your day. Though I have to admit, I don’t know if I’ll ever be as happy as Frank is when I throw a ball for him. 

I would absolutely love to know, what you think is the best thing is about having a dog, or a cat, or whatever your pet is. Is it their happy face when you come home, or the fact they always seem to know when you’re sad? Please let me know 🙂 

I am off now to go give Frank a cuddle, and continue to be a crazy dog lady, please tell me it’s not just me who’s obsessed with their dog? 

This post has been sponsored and is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.