Things I’m Looking Forward To This Month

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How are we a week into June already? I mean, it’s blowing my mind how fast time is going at the moment. It will be Christmas before we know it. Yes that’s right, I just went there. I’m sorry! I wanted to sit and have a catch up with you all today, I do like to do this every month if I can, and today I thought right let’s do this post, and we can have a natter. I realised I don’t really have an awful lot to catch you up with, so instead I thought I’d talk about some things I’m looking forward to this month. I’d love to know if there’s anything you’ve got coming up on the horizon too!

1. Going On Holiday!

June is very exciting for me, because we have booked a holiday! So excited, as this will be our first holiday in a couple of years, and our first holiday just the two of us since 2013. We were umming and ahhing whether to go away this June, as part of us was like ‘oh we should probably be saving for the wedding’ and then the other part was like ‘ we really need a break.’ After being responsible adults for the past two years, I decided we needed to get away and we’ve booked to go to Orlando at the end of the month for 10 days. We were just going to go on a chilled beach break somewhere, but I couldn’t find anywhere that was within our budget and that looked nice, we’ve become quite picky with holidays and nothing really grabbed us. We found some cheap flights to Orlando, and we’ve booked everything on a budget (post coming up when we’re home about doing an Orlando holiday on a budget) we’re going to be away for my birthday, and I couldn’t be more excited to spend 10 days essentially acting like a big kid.

I can’t wait to do some updated Orlando vlogs like I did back in 2014, hopefully with better editing this time! I’m so excited to visit the parks and see some sun, although I think it’s going be super hot, but hey ho. If you have any Orlando recommendations, please let me know, we’re going to be either staying on International Drive or at Lake Buena Vista, just waiting on hotel confirmation, so any recc’s for anywhere near those places would be amazing. We’ve been a couple of times before but always looking for new places to try.

I think this will be our last trip to Orlando for a while, as much as we love Orlando, there is a huge world out there, but the prices were so cheap, we were like stuff it. It’s not going to be a relaxing beach holiday, but we’re hoping to have a couple of days which are more chilled at the water parks. I’ve been planning all of my holiday outfits (holiday haul coming your way V soon) and yeah I’m just really excited to get away and have a break. Although the thought of the airport and flying is making me feel SO anxious, fingers crossed though everything will be fine, and I’m trying to not freak myself out too much. But apart from that, really really excited! I think I’ve probably said the word excited about 2732362 times.

2. My Birthday

I’m not usually a fan of my birthday, but I am really looking forward to it this year. I’ll be in Orlando, which I’ve always wanted to do for one of my birthdays, and I’ve pretty much planned the day to the hour haha. It might all change however, but I’m hoping it’ll be a really lovely day. Although I’m sad that my Mum and sister won’t be with us, I’m sure me and Henry will have a nice day. I’ve already planned what we’re having for dinner and I am already so excited haha! I just need to find the perfect birthday outfit and I’ll be sorted!

3. Summer Finally Being Here:

After what seems months of grey days, Summer seems to be making an appearance finally. I’ve been treating myself to a few new things for my Summer wardrobe, as it seems the shops are really on point this year with their summer clothes. Zara, Topshop, H&M and ASOS have all been making a bit of a dent in my bank balance. Oh well, I’ve not treated myself to any new clothes in ages it seems, so why not! I’ve also been loving the lighter evenings, and of course it being officially peony season #clicheblogger

4. Wedding Planning Is Go Go Go :

May saw us approach the one year countdown for our wedding, it’s crazy to think it’s less than 12 months now. We booked our wedding venue back in April 2016, with two years to go, and now we’re whizzing through the months. I think once we get back off holiday, I’ll be back onto proper wedding planning. We had a bit of a shock in May, when we realised our food and drink was going to cost more than we hoped. I won’t lie, I had a meltdown haha anyways, it just means our budget will have to be tightened in other areas, and I’m going to have to get my DIY hat on. I went wedding dress shopping the other day with my Mum and sister, and did find two lovely dresses which could be a possibility, however, it was the first shop we visited so I want to go and try more on. I don’t feel ready just yet to make a decision. However, I now have a very clear idea in my head of what I want, so that’s good! I know what suits me now, so that’s really helpful. If anyone has any wedding dress shop recommendations for the West Midlands/Shropshire, please let me know, as I’m struggling to find different shops, and would love to know if any of you had been to any 🙂

5. Having A Digital Detox & Hopefully Getting Back On Track:

Although I’ll be vlogging and posting whilst I’m away, I’m excited to have a bit of a break from being on my phone/laptop all the time. I will be taking a bit of a break I think, and only checking in to post pictures and what not. My brain has been feeling foggy for a few weeks now, and I’ve been struggling with my motivation, so I’m hoping a good break will do me the world of good. I always like Summer for creating blog posts and videos, so I’m hoping I’ll come back inspired and motivated. I got a new blog design the other week, which I’m much happier with, I feel like it looks a lot more sleek and organised now which is good, and I have lots of summer post ideas. As always if you have any requests for anything just let me know!

Anyways, I’m going to go now, I think I’m going to possibly pop to the gym maybe, after I’ve written a few more posts! I hope you all have a lovely evening and let me know what you’re looking forward to this month!