My Mid Year Goals

Hello! Long time no see, how are you?

Hope that July is treating you well, I did mean to write this post around the first week of July, but hey, life gets in the way sometimes right?

Anyways, today I wanted to have a little chat, I haven’t got a huge amount to update you on, but I have had some revelations recently, like not huge revelations like I’ve made a scientific discovery, but some little personal ones, and I thought we could have a chat and what not, cause it seems blooming ages ago since I sat down to blog. Yes I won’t be winning any blogger of the year awards anytime soon.

So last time we spoke like this, I was super excited about my holiday to Orlando, which I am now back from and have been for a good couple of weeks, it’s weird cause it seems like it’s been two years since I’ve got back, and if I didn’t have all my vlogs to look back on (*here is where I’ll shamelessly self promote my Florida Vlogs so be warned* SO I’ve been uploading daily vlogs from our time in Florida, go catch up with them on my YouTube channel if you fancy seeing what we got up to! *okay self promo over) I’d of thought we never went.

Going away did wonders for my brain, and I came back feeling refreshed and my brain feeling a little less, like a computer with too many tabs open. I was ready to come back and conquer the world, but then the past couple of weeks have got verrrry busy, as I’ve had a couple of work things come through and then the last weekend gone, was Henry’s birthday and we held a family BBQ in our garden, so any spare time we’ve had, since coming back was operation ‘make the garden look presentable’ and I’ve been focusing on editing my vlogs and sponsored videos. However, things are quietening down again, and I do feel like I can breathe again this week, which is good! I’ve been meaning to blog for the past couple of weeks, but long story short, I haven’t.

So My Mid Year Goals, definitely sounds like some cheesy wellness quote from Pinterest doesn’t it? But, over the space of our holiday, it gave me some time to think and evaluate things, and I have come back with a bit of an action plan. I feel more motivated to put these things into use, than what I did at New Year with my new year resolutions and I think I might scrap that *because the Christmas holiday should be for two things ; eating and watching all of the films* and instead do Mid Year resolutions for the rest of the year.

So let’s begin shall we, because I’ve already chewed your ear off enough.

1. A Blog Revamp Will Happen Soon (ish)

My number one new year resolution was to revamp my blog and possibly re brand it, as I think I mentioned back at the beginning of the year, I really don’t relate to Dizzybrunette3 anymore. I’m 26 now, and although yes, I am still 1. a brunette and 2. dizzy, I just feel like I’ve almost outgrown the name. I think I’m going to be super original and just use my full name, mainly because I can’t think of anything else, but I’m going to wait till I get married next year, as I am changing my name, and my current name is one that I reckon only 10% of people can pronounce and no one ever knows how to spell. If I didn’t share a name with a soap, then I’d just go by Corrie and pretend that I am Madonna or something, but alas ruddy Coronation Street has ruined that for me. Part of me is still tempted to name my blog like it’s a 90’s Disney TV show, however I think ‘Life According To Corrie’ is probably a bit of a mouthful for an Instagram user name.

I will also make the jump to WordPress at some point, but I’m not gonna rush it, I’m pretty happy with my current blog design, and I think next year, I’ll have a big re brand, new site, new name, lots of new content. But for now, I’m not going to speed things up, like I did want to do at the start of the year, and instead, take my time to plan what I want it to be like. So yeah, next year, I think will be the year 🙂

2. Step Out Of My Comfort Zone & Go Down A New Path

So that’s like the weirdest name for a subtitle ever, but I didn’t really know what else to call it haha. ANYWAY, like I said, being away, really did make me evaluate about what I want from my life and what I enjoy (steady on, I sound like someone from a positivity conference happening at a Holiday Inn off the M25) but seriously though, I’ve known for a while that something has to change. I wasn’t sure what, but to be honest, I haven’t been that happy or motivated for a long time. As much as I adore blogging, and making videos, I do sometimes feel like the joy has been sucked out a little for me. I constantly worry about when my next job is coming in, I work to very tight deadlines, you never really get a break (don’t worry save your tiny violin) and the working from home thing gets really lonely. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to interact with other human beings, and me being on my own all day, has intensified my anxiety.

Whilst I still want to blog and make videos full time, like this is the dream, I feel that for me personally, I want to do something more, I want to challenge myself. So I have enrolled on a part time course at college to be a fitness instructor. Ta da!

Now you’ll probably know from some of my posts/videos and definitely know if you follow me on Twitter, that I go to the gym quite a lot, and I really enjoy it. In fact, right now, fitness and the gym is like my number one interest. And over the past few months, I’ve found myself being really interested in the gym, and classes, and wanting to know more. I have had requests for fitness posts/videos, but I’ve never been overly comfortable doing them as I am no expert, I don’t want to show you something wrong, or give you wrong info, so I’m going to do this course so I know what I’m talking about and then I can actually make fitness content for you.

I have no idea where it will lead, who knows, maybe I’ll love it, and want to do it more as a job, but for now, my goal is to learn something new, and hopefully be able to start creating fitness based content. I’m excited for the first time in ages, albeit slightly nervous too, but it’ll get me out of my comfort zone, and it will challenge my brain and I’m looking forward to it.

It won’t be for a while till I’m trained but I’m already starting to think of ideas for posts and videos so let me know if you’d like to see anything, or if there’s anything you’d like to know 🙂 but yeah I’m excited, and I kinda feel like something has clicked which is making me feel V positive.

3. Sort My Confidence Out

My confidence has been at an all time low again recently, and this does have a huge knock on effect on things such as videos and posts. My skin has been a huge factor to my low confidence and I am going back to the doctors this week, to hopefully be prescribed something else. I’ve also been eating less dairy, and bought a few new skincare items, so fingers crossed, things start to clear up soon. I am determined to keep working on my confidence thought and try to be more positive, I’m going to keep trying to remember the things I learnt from my CBT sessions (let me know if you are interested in hearing more about this?) and putting them into effect.

4. Try New Things At The Gym

I mainly do classes at the gym, but I want to try some more things out, especially with my college course starting in September. I am determined to get proper abs, and I want to work on my bum a bit more too! I saw a YouTube video with all of the exercises that Montana from Love Island does for her bum, so I’m not gonna lie, I am going to copy these haha! But I want to try and be a bit more adventurous and also keep building up my weights.

5. Staying Offline More

Bit of a weird one, for a blogger to be saying, but I have found that staying offline has done wonders for my creativity and mental health. Sometimes I find social media a bit overwhelming, I can get consumed by numbers, or compare myself to someone else and then I end up in a mood or feeling rubbish. I sometimes find social media suffocating, and taking time off at the weekends, or evenings, has allowed me to feel like I can breathe again (sorry that was so cheesy!) As I said in my 2017 Blog resolutions post, I wanted to stop thinking of the numbers (which tbf I am trying really hard to do) and to also not compare myself to every other blogger out there. I do feel like this should hopefully make me a better and more consistent blogger/YouTuber.

So there we go, just a few things I want to work on, social media and blogging is a bit of a funny place for me at the moment, and often, I feel like I’m on the outside, looking through the window at everyone else being pals and doing well. I often feel very lonely and do wonder if I am good enough to do this anymore. God sorry, get that tiny violin out again, but you know what, I am feeling more positive, I’m making some changes, I’m not sure where they might lead, but I am excited and like I said above, I feel like things have clicked into place.

So I will now go, as I’ve made this post to be almost as long as my dissertation, have a lovely evening and we’ll speak soon! And also I hope this post hasn’t been too cheesy/doom and gloom, just rather be honest with you all!

See you soon *oh and btw, thanks for all of your support as always, I know it probably sounds like I don’t appreciate it, but I really do* x