So I Tried Lash Extensions And They Kinda Changed My Life

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Me dramatic? Never.

Okay so the title of this post, does sound way, way dramatic, or extra as the cool kids these days would say. But in all seriousness, lash extensions are my new fave thing and they literally were so much more than just lash extensions to me. What am I going on about? To be honest, I’m not really sure either, but let’s just roll with it.

So let’s go back a bit here, cause I’ve started on a bit of a weird spoiler, so basically, I don’t like my lashes. My natural lashes that is. I know it’s mean, because my poor lashes have never done anything to offend me, but they’re just a bit meh. They don’t really stand out, and even sometimes with mascara they’re a bit non existent. I’ve found myself reaching for false lashes more often than not, as I feel they finish off my make up look.

However, when I booked our holiday to Orlando, I knew that false lashes probably wouldn’t be the best things to wear in 30 degree+ heat, I know that I could, you know go without, but I do feel better with lashes on and well I wanted to feel nice whilst we were away, but I did realise that the humid hot weather wouldn’t be the best for make up.

So I had an idea, why not get lash extensions right? A lot of you on twitter recommended getting a LVL instead as it’s less high maintenance but being the drama queen I am, I knew I wanted more and after reading Claudia’s post on SVS lashes by Nouveau Lashes, my mind was made up.

Now, I did email the Nouveau Lashes PR just for some advice about SVS lashes and local salons, as I was a little apprehensive of getting lash extensions as I didn’t want them to look too spiky/too big for my eyes. I didn’t want to look like 18 year old me on a night out, trying to make the Cheryl Girls Aloud lashes work for me, when in reality, I looked like I’d glued three spiders to my lashes very badly. Not a good look.

So Nouveau Lashes very kindly and generously offered to send a therapist to my home ( I know!) to do my lashes for me before I went away on holiday. I of course, accepted this offer, and genuinely imagined this is how Kate Middleton must feel like every day.

Debbie was the lovely therapist who did my lashes, and she was so friendly and knew exactly what I wanted, my initial worries were instantly dispersed when I met her. We decided that yes SVS lashes were the right treatment for me, and she spoke to me about how I would need to care for them (more on that later) and if I would be okay with this. I had also done a patch test 48 hours in advance to my treatment to check I wasn’t allergic to the glue. So I was all set to go.

So let’s speak now about what SVS lashes actually are, cause to be honest with you, I didn’t know what they were till I read Claudia’s post.

So SVS lashes stands for : Speed, Volume and Style.

The treatment combines two of Nouveau’s already popular treatments; express and extend, but this also incorporates volume into the mix. SVS lashes are to ensure that your natural lashes are kept safe, so this is done by your lashes being protected by the unique treatment. Usually SVS leaves quite a full wispy look, however you can choose how dramatic you want to go.

NOUVEAU LASHES, SVS lashes, lash extensions, before and after lash extensions, before and after svs lashes, SVS lashes review, lash extensions review

I said I wanted it to look like I had lash extensions (so quite long) but I didn’t want them to be too long, or look too fake. I feel like Debbie nailed it though and my lashes were perfect for what I wanted. The treatment is supposed to be a faster application that traditional lash extensions, as a few lashes are added to your natural lash at the same time, however it depends on your natural lashes and your therapist.

My treatment took about 1hr 40 mins, and it was a chance to lie down and relax. I must admit I almost dozed off a couple of times, and with my pre holiday stress rising, it was actually really relaxing to take some time off worrying about whether I’d bought everything and if I’d get all my work done in time. I felt super chilled by the end of the treatment.

So like normal lash extensions, there are some after care rules that you have to live by to ensure your lashes stay on for as long as possible.

For 48 hours after application, I couldn’t get my lashes wet or be in any close contact with steam, this included hot showers, sauna’s, even opening the oven or dishwasher. Thankfully, it was during the heatwave, so I didn’t need to worry about having a hot shower. But after this, you’re able to enjoy hot showers again and empty the dishwasher (yay lol) without having to worry. I was given a lash brush by Debbie to brush my lashes with every day, and also a lash cleanser, as she said to make sure I washed them properly.

You can’t use oil based make up remover or cleansers as this will loosen up the glue. You can use things like micellar waters, but just be careful. But Debbie said that by cleansing and brushing your lashes you were probably going to make them last longer.

So how long do the lashes last? Well it all depends on your lash cycle, as the lashes will fall out when your natural lash falls out, so your lash could be on the last day of it’s cycle the day after you have them done, if that makes sense? But they should last 3-4 weeks, however if you want your lashes to go completely back to normal, it will probably take 6-8 weeks for them to have all fallen out. However you can get a lash remover, if you wanted them out sooner.

My lashes lasted really well on holiday, considering the heat, humidity and the water parks we visited. I noticed that after about 2 weeks, that my lashes were starting to go back to normal, and its 4 weeks since I had them done, and I’d say that I have about 20% lash extensions left. I already feel naked again!

So what did I really love about SVS lashes then?

I guess the main thing, was the confidence boost they gave me. As soon as they were applied, I couldn’t feel them, they didn’t feel heavy, or sore, they felt like my lashes, but there was such a difference. Automatically I felt more confident and prettier.

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They were perfect for my holiday because they enabled me to feel like I was made up already, so I would skip eye make up altogether most days, as I felt I didn’t need it. This saved me time in the morning, and also meant that I didn’t have smudged eye make up all day from the heat.

I felt like I barely needed to wear any make up in general, and it was really refreshing not feeling like I have to do a full smokey eye to feel nice, I felt I didn’t need much else. It may sound silly, but they did really make a difference and I’m thinking of getting them done more regularly to help me feel like this all the time. I loved not having to wear as much make up, and I liked that I’d wake up in the morning and feel nice, which is a big thing as I’ve been really struggling with my skin recently.

Though the first night I went to bed, and Henry was like ‘it’s weird looking at you in bed with those lashes on’ and I was like ‘really?’ He soon got used to them though.

I was a bit worried about the upkeep of the lashes, would I feel dirty cause I couldn’t cleanse them as I normally do, and would have to be careful, would they irritate my eyes? They were surprisingly low maintenance, maybe it’s cause I didn’t wear a lot of eye make up, but I still felt nice and fresh after cleansing, they didn’t irritate me and like I said, I couldn’t even feel them. It was just when I looked in the mirror, I was like ‘ oh yeah!’

NOUVEAU LASHES, SVS lashes, lash extensions, before and after lash extensions, before and after svs lashes, SVS lashes review, lash extensions review

I think that SVS lashes are perfect for special events (will definitely get them for my hen do/wedding/honeymoon) holidays and well anything else really. I am tempted to splash out for them once a month just because they made me feel so much better about myself. I think I am officially a lash extension convert!

Also one last thing, my natural lashes seem absolutely fine, and don’t seem damaged in any way at all, which is good as this was also something I was worried about!

I’d love to know if you’ve ever had lash extensions or tried SVS lashes yourself? I loved mine, and can’t wait to get mine re done, I also want to try LVL at some point too, so let me know if you’ve tried that before!

For now, I’m going to go and stop waffling about lashes, see you soon!

* Disclaimer: Nouveau Lashes did pay for me to have my lashes done, but this review is 100% honest and is my own thoughts and opinions. I genuinely loved my lashes and would recommend for anyone to get them done! Find your local salon here.