5 Ways To Help Grow Your Instagram

5 Ways To Help Grow Your Instagram, Instagram, social media, photography, how to get more instagram followers, blogging, dizzybrunette3 instagram

Let’s chat about Instagram shall we? Today I thought I’d compile a list of ‘5 Ways To Help Grow Your Instagram’ because if your Twitter timeline has been anything like mine recently, you will have noticed a constant barrage of annoyance at the photo sharing app. I love Instagram, and will admit that I spend way too much time on the app, I spend way too much time editing photos and thinking about my feed. But recently, I have found that Instagram has made me feel a little disheartened, and almost made me want to stop posting completely. As you guys know, I do have the tendency to be a little bit of a drama queen at times, so this is a slight over exaggeration, however the recent algorithm changes has made me feel a little bleh at times.

So for today’s post, I thought I’d share some ways that I’ve found to help grow my instagram, as with the non chronological time line and business accounts, it can sometimes feel like you’re posting to an empty audience and you feel like banging your head against a brick wall.

Hopefully these tips will help, and soon I’ll be posting some ways that we can help one another as followers. As much as I hate to admit it, I doubt Instagram will change anytime soon and I’ve come to realise that maybe I need to try and work with the algorithm and instead of focusing on the likes/comments, it’s more about me being happy with my posts and being content with that. I know that numbers are important, but we shouldn’t let our follower count/the amount of likes affect our self worth. Ooh I can feel a blog post brewing about that too!

 5 Ways To Help Grow Your Instagram, Instagram, social media, photography, how to get more instagram followers, blogging, dizzybrunette3 instagram

For now though, let’s get started with the 5 tips…

1. Keep Posting

First of all, no matter how disheartened you’re getting with Instagram, keep posting. I know it’s tempting to just stop posting, as that’s what I did and this isn’t great for when you’re wanting to keep in people’s time lines. I tend to find that posting at least once a day keeps my Instagram alive almost, and I find that posting twice a day (morning and evening) usually works for me. I try to not post too many times in one day, as I feel like it can get a little spammy and people will give up liking or commenting after about 2 pictures. Because I have the world’s most boring life, I don’t do stuff that is Instagram worthy every day, so I tend to take photos in bulk and then upload them. I use the app UNUM for planning my feed and it also has very handy analytics which leads me onto my next point…

2.  Post At The Best Times

I always notice a difference in engagement with my Instagam posts depending on the time I’ve uploaded them. I use the app UNUM and the analytics to see what time is the best to post, as it works out what posts got the most engagement and when. Everyone will be different, but for example, my best times are; Sunday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 9pm. But think about when you’re most likely to be online ; breakfast, commute, lunch, commute home, sitting in the evening, etc… try posting at different times to see what works, and you’ll soon find when the best time is to post. I tend to stick to breakfast and evenings.

3. Use Hashtags and Tag Relevant Accounts

I used to be so stubborn when it came to hashtags because I used to just see them as spammy, however, using a couple of hashtags can help new people to find your photos and your account which could lead to more followers. I tend to add a couple of hashtags related to my content, and will use brand hash tags as then you’re more likely to be found and featured on their pages (which is a really good way to grow your following!) I also tag relevant accounts to my pictures, so for example; locations, brands, accounts dedicated to a certain type of photos e.g flatlays. I tag these and then they will hopefully be picked up by like minded people also following these accounts, or you may get re posted by the account. Don’t just tag any old person though, do your research and work out the right accounts. I might do a post with some suggestions if this would be helpful?

4. Find Out Your Most Popular Content

A little while ago, I went through my Instagram pics and worked out which ones got the most likes and engagement. From this, I could see what people were enjoying and then tried to post more of this. You’re more likely to grow if you’re constantly uploading pictures that are doing well. I find that outfit pictures, flatlays, home decor and Disney pictures always do really well on my account! I also find it good to think of what your ideal Instagram account would post, and then hopefully like minded people will find you and follow 🙂

5. Content Is King 

Okay so I hate that saying, it sounds like the kind of thing someone would say who works in an office trying to keep down with the kids. But regardless, it’s true. If you’re posting good quality photos, which you love and are passionate about, then your Instagram will grow. I think the most important thing is to be proud of what you are posting, and that you enjoy taking those photos. I really like my Instagram at the moment, and I’ve found that I’m not as bothered when a photo maybe doesn’t do as well because I was really happy with it. Instagram is whatever you want it to be, but I tend to follow accounts because I love their photos and they have a bit of personality. Think about the kind of accounts that you follow, and why that is, then apply that to you.

 5 Ways To Help Grow Your Instagram, Instagram, social media, photography, how to get more instagram followers, blogging, dizzybrunette3 instagram

I do sometimes think that I take Instagram a little too seriously, but it is an important app for us bloggers. I am working on not getting down by numbers, and hopefully Instagram will hopefully work itself out soon enough.

I’d love to know if you have any tips for growing your Instagram?

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