What I Wore This Summer : My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

I wouldn’t exactly call myself an experimental dresser, I mean, I was when I was younger. I’d happily try out new colours, prints, or styles, but after realising that I constantly had a wardrobe full of things I never wore, and losing a bit of confidence with myself and my body, I started to make my wardrobe more ‘safe.’ In came the neutrals, things that went with everything, and for the last couple of summers, I basically wore what I wore all winter, just minus the jumpers. I’d dread hot sunny days, cause I’d have to get my legs out, and I just had no passion for clothes anymore. 

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself becoming more confident within myself again, it’s definitely for a few reasons, of course, going to the gym has been a huge confidence boost for me, and has helped to give me back my body confidence. I’m also a big believer (and you guys will well know this already if you’ve read my blog for a while) that a tan fixes everything.

We’ve all seen that meme about Thursday night tanning, when we feel we go to a solid 10 out 10’s with a tan. There’s something about a tan that just makes me feel better within myself, I feel like I look more like me, my clothes look better, and it’s something so small, but makes a huge difference to how I feel.

Because I live in the UK and sunny days are few and far between, I usually turn to fake tan to get a bronzed glow. However, I’ve recently been trying the new Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Shimmer Gradual Tan which has been giving me major throwback vibes to my youth as a teen, when I used to use gradual tanner all the time when I was at school.

However, I can confirm 100% that the new Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Shimmer, is a million miles away from the biscuit smelling streaky gradual tanners that we all used when we were 15 (it now smells citrusy and fruity-yaaas!) It’s been great for either using in the evenings as fake tan is way too sticky to apply on an hot evening (though we haven’t had many of those lately!) Also the clever gradual tanner means that you can apply during the day too, so I’ve been doing this as the shimmer means that I can enjoy being glowy all day, and no one would ever know that you’ve got gradual tan on. I tend to apply it in the morning after I’ve showered, let it sink in for a couple of mins before getting dressed. 

It moisturises the skin, whist gently building a natural looking tan, and also gives you a slight glow thanks to a touch of shimmer. Thanks to it’s cell moisturisers and the range having one of the highest level of glycerin found on the high street, your skin will be super soft and also the formula helps to minimise streaks too!

You will feel like a bronzed goddess, I’m not even joking. I’ve been applying the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Shimmer, a few times a week to keep my Orlando tan in tact, and I am loving how it makes my skin feel.

I feel like this summer is the first summer in years, that I’ve felt really confident within myself and actually enjoyed wearing different things. Today, I thought I’d share my three Summer Wardrobe Faves and what I’ve had the confidence to wear this summer. So let’s get started :


Over the past few years, I have avoided shorts left right and centre. Seriously though, why is it so hard to find a decent pair? I always found they were too short, or too tight, and just unflattering, I’d go short shopping and usually end up in tears. Considering I used to live in shorts when I was 18/19, I hated that I had lost all confidence to wear them. 

However, this year, I found a pretty perfect pair from H&M which reminded me of some vintage Levi’s (without the price tag of course!) and I love them! The fit is perfect, I love how they look with different tops, and for a past short hater, I have to admit, I’m back to being a fan.

My fave tops to wear with shorts are either; a Bardot top, a basic tee, or blouse, I love the contrast of dressed up/dressed down. I also love how you can dress them up with wedges, or boots, and down with converse or trainers. Maybe I was a bit hasty with my hatred for shorts, it’s all about finding that perfect pair that make you feel good. Also my legs being tanned and glowy obviously helps things as well!


I’ve been trying to add more printed things into my wardrobe again after having a bit of a couple of boring wardrobe years. I’ve been buying prints again, and I think I may have gone a bit overboard with my playsuit obsession this year. I’m a sucker for a floral playsuit and I’ve been loving this black printed playsuit from Miss Selfridge for more sunnier days. I love a good black printed floral number, as you probably know! However thanks to the good old British summer, the weather was a little erm grey when I was taking these pictures, so thankfully I had my new pink denim jacket (I’m obsessed) to cover up for a bit of warmth lol! 


Talking of my new pink jacket, let’s talk colour. I’m usually a black, white and grey kinda girl, but this Summer, I’ve been trying to wear a bit more colour. I always feel a bit more braver when I’ve got a tan, as I feel that my skin tone suits more colours when I’m tanned. Thanks to the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Shimmer. I’ve been feeling more bronzed and this has lead to me buying pieces in colours such as pink (a lot of pink) red, and even yellow. Okay so I’m going to go look under the bed to see if the real Corrie is about. 

No I’m just joking, but it’s been nice to try different colours, just last week, I bought a red jumper for A/W, so I’m keen to keep experimenting with colours. Although the colour black will always have my heart, it’s nice to have the confidence to try out different things.

I would definitely say that my confidence this summer with my wardrobe and within myself has been because of the gym and having a tan. I’ve felt the happiest, I’ve felt in a while within myself, and I’ve been so excited about shopping and trying new things. I hope it continues for A/W, and I don’t just live in jumpers and black jeans again.

I’d love to know what makes you feel confident, is it a tan like me? Or does the sunny weather just instantly give you a spring in your step?

*This post was Sponsored by Dove however my opinions as always are 100% honest and genuine. Read my disclaimer here to see how I work with brands.


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