My Current Fitness Routine

Fitness, Exercise, Health, Work Out, Gym, my fitness routine, primark workout gear, what i wear to workout

I realised when I was making a list of posts to write the other day, that I’ve not written anything fitness related recently. In fact, my latest fitness routine post was last September, that’s a whole year ago (good math there Corrie) and my routine has completely changed so I thought I’d sit down whilst I’m waiting for the washing to finish (V glamorous life over here) and speak about what I do at the gym and what I’m loving. Also I’m super nosey and love posts like this, so hopefully you will too!

So I’m still a fitness class fanatic, I find I’m so much more motivated when it comes to working out in a class, I won’t slack off like I can do in the gym, and I feel like it’s less easy to worm out of a class when you’ve booked onto one, though I am currently studying at college to become a fitness instructor so I’m hoping that as time goes on, I’ll learn more about the actual gym machines and I’ll be able to create my own routine based on what I enjoy. But I’m sure I’ll be posting about that sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

For now, let’s talk the classes I do and enjoy. I changed gym’s earlier this year and moving from a small studio to a proper gym was a little like moving from Primary to Secondary school, I tried lots of classes out, at different times of the day, and I’ve found a routine that works for me and I know now what I enjoy. I have noticed pretty big differences in my body since starting these new classes, I actually have muscle definition in some places, I’m very proud of my deltoids (shoulders- I’m trying to speak in gym speak as I have a lot to revise for my exams at college!)

Fitness, Exercise, Health, Work Out, Gym, my fitness routine, primark workout gear, what i wear to workout

So I do a few different types of classes; I tend to work out at least 4 times a week, I go to the gym 4-6 times a week depending on classes and how I’m feeling, but I’ll go to at least 4 classes. You also have to remember that I have no life, so it’s easy for me to dedicate so much of my time to the gym.

Body Pump :

I was always very intrigued by Body Pump as my sister used to do the class and a couple of my friends too, so Body Pump was one of the first classes I tried at my gym. It took me a good few classes to get used to the barbell group workout as I’d never properly lifted weights before. I started off with 2 1kgs and would be like ‘wtf is a deadlift?’ However you soon get used to the moves and before you know it, a clean and press is part of your vocab. I also soon started to be able to lift heavier too, every couple of weeks, I up my weights, and I am such a geek but I feel so proud of myself when I get the weights up on my bar. I did 15kg in the squat track the other night, and I walked out basically high fiving myself (whilst I almost fell over from my jelly legs!) The class isn’t too hardcore, it’s quite good for beginners, and I really enjoy it as you work your whole body. My body has toned up pretty much everywhere, my back and my shoulders, are particular areas that have really changed. I did literally feel like I’d been run over after my first session, but you soon get used to it! I tend to do this 2x a week.


I’ve always loved a good HIIT workout as it’s over so quickly, I tend to do a HIIT class once/twice a week, and love how you’ve done a pretty intense workout in about 25 minutes. HIIT is hard work, but it’s effective, you build your fitness levels, tone up and burn fat. I love how efficient the classes are, and your body keeps working and burning calories for up to 24 hours after working out. I did want to throw up during my first class, but you soon get used to it, just don’t eat too near to the classes or you may see it re appear!

Fitness, Exercise, Health, Work Out, Gym, my fitness routine, primark workout gear, what i wear to workout

Body Attack:

I’d be very intrigued to hear if you any of you guys do Body Attack and actually like it, as the only people I ever speak to about it, hate the classes. To be honest, when I first started doing Body Attack I hated it too, I thought I was going to keel over and throw up. I went home and thought ‘Christ and I thought I was fit?’ However, I was doing the class in the morning, and I’ve found the evening works better for me as I’ve had a day of food so I have a lot more energy. Although Body Attack isn’t easy, I’m not on the verge of vomming too much anymore, though we do have one teacher who works you so hard, you do think you may chunder. Body Attack leaves me dripping in sweat, it’s an high energy class which is mainly cardio based with a couple of toning tracks too, it combines athletic moves as well as strength ones too (think push ups, and squats!) But there’s something about Body Attack that I love, it gives me such a high, I genuinely feel on top of the world when I leave a class, and feel so satisfied when my face is all red and my clothes need wringing out (I’m painting a really lovely picture right now right?) I do this once/twice a week, I’ll either do 2 x HIIT workouts and 1 x Body Attack or 2x Body Attack and 1 x HIIT. It isn’t great for your calves though, as there’s a lot of jumping, and I’ve sometimes got shin splints, I’ve invested in a foam roller and a stick, and ibuprofen gel oh and making sure I stretch really well when I get home does help.

But I love it, maybe I’m a freak, but I am a bit obsessed. Also since doing Body Attack regularly I’ve noticed that my thighs have finally toned up, they are very stubborn but I seem to finally be making some progress and I think that’s thanks to regular Body Attack classes.

Fitness, Exercise, Health, Work Out, Gym, my fitness routine, primark workout gear, what i wear to workout

Abs Classes:

I’ll sometimes do a dedicated Abs class, but I tend to only do these if they’re on, as all the classes I do have either an ab track or exercises that work your abs/core.

Fitness, Exercise, Health, Work Out, Gym, my fitness routine, primark workout gear, what i wear to workout

So there is my current gym routine, I am very happy with my classes and really enjoy doing them, hopefully as my course progresses I’ll start to be more confident in the actual gym and will start working out there more, as I do want to start to doing more dedicated workouts for areas such as my bum! But I’ll update you on this soon.

Fitness, Exercise, Health, Work Out, Gym, my fitness routine, primark workout gear, what i wear to workout

My whole outfit is from Primark

Anyways, so that’s everything, as always if you have any questions, just let me know as I’m more than happy to answer anything, right I think my washing is done, so I’m gonna go and get it up on the airer!

Let me know if you do fitness classes and which ones you really enjoy as I’m always up for trying new ones out!

Speak soon! x

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