Being An Adult At Christmas

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As much as I love Christmas, I have to admit that it’s not as fun as what it was when I was a child. Like don’t get me wrong, it’s still really fun, and I do wish it was December all year round, but you know when you were little, there was something quite exciting and magical about Christmas wasn’t there? TBH as soon as I realised Santa wasn’t real (I’m not even going to admit how old I was when I found this out, as it’s a little embarrassing haha!) Christmas lost it’s magic a little. 

I  was thinking the other day about how things have differed at Christmas time from being a child to being an adult, and I thought ‘you know what, that would make a good blog post’ and well here we are!! 

So here are some things that made me realise that how has Christmas changed…

  • Being quite stuck when someone asks you, what you want for Christmas. 
  • If you do ask for something though, it makes you feel guilty, you never felt guilt as a kid when you passed the Argos catolgue over to your Mum and Dad with a million toys circled! 
  • Asking for household items such as saucepans, crockery, or a personal favourite of mine from a couple of years ago; a window vacuum. Yes I did really ask for that. 
  • You love receiving gifts such as a candle or socks. So handy. 
  • You also buy everyone you know things such as a candle. 
  • Having to send relatives cards cause you’ve moved out (TBH I think my Mum will still put my name down even when I’m 50) 
  • Still feeling a bit smug that you don’t have to go to sleep early on Christmas Eve and usually you have absolutely no problem falling asleep- unlike when you were young and you’d barely sleep a wink and make yourself sick with excitement- oh was that just me? 
  • Being the most excited about the food that you’ll eat over Christmas. Walking down the Christmas snack aisle in Tesco as an adult, is as close to the joy you felt walking round Toys R Us as a kid. 
  • Finding it V hard to get up early on Christmas Day- unlike being wide awake at 5am when you were little, and being told it was ‘too early’ by your Mum and Dad. 
  • Your festive spirit is determined by how much time you get off work over the Christmas break. 
  • Christmas family parties used to be loads of fun, playing with your toys with your cousins, etc… but these days whilst they can still be fun, you are usually bombarded with personal questions such as ‘How’s your love life?’ ‘When are you having kids?’ And ‘Great Aunt Ethel (who you’ve not seen in 24 years) is wondering where her invite is to your wedding?’
  • Realising you are officially a full blown adult when you’re the one cooking Christmas Dinner. 
  • Still being a bit sad when you wake up on Boxing Day and realising you don’t have any toys to play with. 
  •  When you don’t get an advent calendar cause ‘you’re an adult’ (thank god my Mum will never do this to me) 
  • Finding yourself saying ‘in my day- we got toys for presents’ when looking at a child in the family who’s just opened an iPad.
  • Being able to have alcohol all day, and not just being treated to a Bacardi Breezer with Christmas dinner like you were when you were 16. 

Hey maybe being an adult at Christmas isn’t too bad? 

Let me know your adult realisations about Christmas, as I’d love to know!! 


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