Easy Christmas Nail Ideas

With Christmas just being two days away, TWO DAYS! I am trying to get into the festive spirit as much as possible, I have to admit that this year, I’ve not felt as Christmassy as I normally do. But I haven’t really done too much this December, so perhaps that’s why. But for the past few days, I’ve been watching Christmas films, wrapping presents, blaring Christmas music and of course getting my nails ready for Christmas.

Hmm you may be thinking ‘hmm what now?’ But it can’t just be me, who goes all out with their nails over Christmas, surely? Anyways, I’ve always loved a Christmassy nail, I usually like to do something with glitter, and my design of choice takes longer for me to decide than what it probably should do.

Today, I thought I’d share two options with you, we’ve got a pink and star option, then a black glitter (which I really love) which are both so easy to do. Also you can check out last year’s post too, if you want some more inspo!

Pink With Stars

This one is so easy to do, but I think it looks really cute and takes no time at all.

For this you’ll need a pink nail polish of choice, I’ve gone for essie’s Gel Couture Lace Me Up.

Then you’ll need some little stars, I got mine from eBay, but you could get these from somewhere like a party shop (as they’re basically confetti) or you could use something else like gems, or even do a dot of glitter nail polish!

All you do is, paint your nails with the pink for two coats. Leave to dry for a minute, then get your topcoat brush and dot this in the stars and add to the bottom of your nail and voila! Apply topcoat over the top and then wait to dry.

I do find that the starts can get caught on things, so these may be one for painting on Christmas Eve then taking the stars off after Christmas Day, but I think these look really nice and are so easy to do!

Next we have a black and gold glitter nail, which may not be a traditional Christmas nail, but I actually quite like them!

For this I have used essie’s Liquorice nail polish and Glow Your Own Way which is a gold glitter.

For this, you will need to paint your nails with two coats of black nail polish, then once dry, add gold glitter to the bottom of your nail. I tend to start at the bottom and work my way up the side of the nail. You don’t have to be really neat as it creates a pretty cool effect. I do this till my nails are all done and I love how it looks. I think this could be a good NYE nail!

So I’ll probably be doing one of these nail looks for Christmas, I haven’t decided which one yet, or I may even combine the two and go for a pink base and gold glitter bottom!

I’d love to know how you’re doing your nails for Christmas. Are you going all out with the glitter, or something a bit more subtle? Let me know 🙂

Have a great Saturday, today I’ve been doing the food shop and doing the manic tidying of the house ready for everyone to come over on Christmas day! Hope your day has been a lot more interesting haha! 🙂