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Today I have some more gift guides for you (don’t worry we have a couple more days left, then you are gift guide free for another year) and today we’re covering some lifestyle gift guides. I’ve not really done lifestyle gift guides before, so I’m excited to show you my ; fitness, home and stationery gift guides woo! 

So let’s begin with a home gift guide, perfect for anyone who you’ve guessed it, lives in a home. Perfect for twenty somethings, maybe someone you know has just moved, or enjoys a nice bit of home decor. 

Let’s see what we’ve got shall we?

First of all, we’ve got some artificial flowers from Sainsbury’s home, I love this hydrangea vase, and think you can’t go wrong with an artificial flower. Hydrangeas go with any type of decor, and bring a nice touch to a room. I currently have these on the windowsill in our kitchen and they look lovely! 

Blogmas, Christmas, gift guide, stationery, home decor, fitness, gifts for the home,

You can’t beat a good old candle can you? The Urban Apothecary candles are what I’d call a ‘cool candle’ – yes that’s right, a ‘cool candle.’ By this I mean, they’re quite sophisticated thanks to their black design, and the scents aren’t your typical candle fragrances. This one I have is Smoked Leather, which is quite spicy and smokey. If you’re looking for a candle for a couple, I’d say this is quite a good gender neutral pick, and looks really cool in any house. 

Everyone seems to have this West Elm Love sign, but with good reason. I love these types of ornaments and think they would look lovely in pretty much any house. I have mine in my office, but it would look lovely on a bookshelf, fireplace or windowsill. 

I think the idea of giving someone prints for Christmas is a great idea, prints really help to liven up a room and bring it all together. This one is from The House Outfit but I also like Desenio for prints too. 

Cushions and Blankets are usually quite good presents as they aren’t usually the kind of thing you buy yourself. As long as you know the colour themes however! I have this pom pom blanket from Sainsbury’s which I’m obsessed with and this pink cushion is from Primark, it was about £5 – what a bargain! 

Finally we have some bits for the kitchen, gold cutlery has been on my wish list forever, so if someone bought me a set, I think I’d love them forever. This Next set are pretty affordable and oh so dreamy. 

Blogmas, Christmas, gift guide, stationery, home decor, fitness, gifts for the home,

These gold wine glasses are also from Next and would also make a lovely present. They’re so pretty aren’t they? A lovely present for someone just moving in, or even as something such as a wedding present. I feel like I want to drink every drink out of them though now! 

I do love a good home decor present, I’ve listed some more options down below too! 

Fitness Gift Guide

Blogmas, Christmas, gift guide, stationery, home decor, fitness, gifts for the home, fitness gifts,

First of all, we have this amazing marble sports bra (which also comes in leggings too) from USA Pro, perfect for any gym bunny you know and anyone who loves marble! 

New trainers always make any fitness enthusiasts heart skip a beat, and these Nike ones are definitely making my heart race! The purple colour, will look amazing with so many outfits, and you can’t beat a fresh pair of trainers. 

A Fitbit is a great present for someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, my Fitbit is quite old now, but I love mine. It’s so handy to see how many steps I’m doing, how many calories I’ve burnt and check my heart rate. I think some of the new fitbits are even fancier, but a really good gadget to get for anyone into fitness. 

Protein powder may seem a bit of a random present, but I know I’d like a good stock up of protein for Christmas! I love Bulk Powders, and have recently been trying their vegan range which isn’t bad. They also usually have a lot of deals on, and have some cool protein flavours too such as birthday cake! 

Gym accessories are usually a winner, and something like resistance bands (like these ones in this post) or maybe a skipping rope or yoga mat, would be a quite cool present. I’ve been wanting to up my game with my workouts so bought some resistance bands, they weren’t too expensive either! 

Make up may seem a weird present for someone who works out a lot, but the SportsFX range is specially for wearing whilst working out. There’s always that debate of if you should wear make up when working out, and I’ll admit you probably shouldn’t, butttt it’s completely up to you and is no one else’s business. I’ll stop now before I start ranting, anyways, the Sports FX range is long lasting make up, so perfect for wearing in the gym/playing sports, there’s foundation, powder, mascara, and brow pencils just to name a few. The cool down primer is very good for cooling your face down and I like the eyeliner too! It survived a Body Attack class so it can survive anything!

Finally we have a cookbook which doesn’t just have to be for a gym bunny, but for anyone who perhaps maybe wants to start eating healthier, or wants some food inspiration. I love the Clean Eating Alice Eat Well Every Day book, and also love the Joe Wickes books too. I’d also look out for 

Zanna van Dijk’s book or Carly Rowena’s Get Gorgeous Guide.

I’ve also popped some more suggestions down below too!

Stationery Gift Guide

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Are you even a twenty something female if your heart doesn’t flutter over a new notepad? No okay? Just me then.

But seriously, I am a sucker for a good bit of stationery. That feeling of excitement when you bought a new pencil case before the start of a new school year, has never gone away for me, so this year when I was planning my gift guides, I knew had to do a stationery one. Cause stationery in my eyes, is always a good present. Who doesn’t love a nice new notebook to write down your goals and resolutions for the year ahead, that you promptly forget about within about the first two weeks of January.

So let’s get into it, I have a whole array of bits to show you as well as some more picks down below too!

Let’s start with some stationery for either ; the most organised person you know (cause they love nothing more than making To Do lists) or for the most dis-organised person you know.

Zoella Lifestyle Desk Planner: Perfect for getting your girl boss on and being all organised in 2018. This desk planner includes; a weekly planner (perfect for keeping a note of your weekly activities, what you’re having for dinner, etc…) there’s also post it notes for to do lists, so there’s no excuse to not be organised ever again.

SkinnyDip Marble Planner : This pink marble planner is perfect for to do lists, post it notes, so you can be V organised whilst being very instagrammable. Winner, winner.

SkinnyDip Damn Girl Pad : Again a very instagrammble pad, perfect for to do lists, shopping lists, and anything else you may need a list for.

Just Regular Stationery

Sainsbury’s Notepads : Sainbsury’s is one of my favourite places for stationery. It’s always very pretty and affordable too! I love this navy and copper ‘Hopes, Dreams & Wishes’ notepad which I think looks lot a more expensive than £4 and then this marble notepad which you should mainly get cause of how flatlay friendly it is!

Christmas, Blogmas, gift guide, stationery, flatlay, zoella lifestyle

Pastel Skinnydip Pencils and Pen: perfect for writing all the to do lists with – perfect for a stocking filler too!

Christmas, Blogmas, gift guide, stationery, flatlay, zoella lifestyle

Zoella Lifestyle ‘Stay On Top Of Your World’ Planner: Not only is the outside incredibly pretty ( I love the pink and dots) this is another incredibly handy planner with post it notes, weekly planner and to do lists.

Skinnydip Pink Velvet Notebook: This is one of those notepads that are almost too pretty too use! I love this pink velvet notebook though, even if I may never write in it!

Christmas, Blogmas, gift guide, stationery, flatlay, zoella lifestyle

Zoella Lifestyle ‘Jot’ Notepad: This is a good size notepad which is perfect for very lengthy lists, or whatever you may need it for. I also love the green and copper detailing.

Christmas, Blogmas, gift guide, stationery, flatlay, zoella lifestyle

Chroma Stationery Diary : If you’re looking for a diary for 2018, then look no further than the Chroma Stationery ones. They are handbag size, full of space to write activities with the week to week view, and the best thing? You can have the front embossed with whatever you want. Whether it’s personalising with your name/initials, or having your fave quote splashed across the front, the sky is the limit. I love the idea of personalising your diary, or having it personalised for someone as a gift.

Christmas, Blogmas, gift guide, stationery, flatlay, zoella lifestyle

So there we have some of my fave stationery picks, I’ve also included a few down below too, that I’ve found online. Let me know if any of these will be on your Christmas wish list.

But for now I will see you tomorrow for my next blogmas post 🙂