How We’ve Decorated The House For Christmas

I wasn’t sure whether to do a Christmas decoration post as I wasn’t sure if there wasn’t much difference to our house from last year. But, from just looking at the post and looking back, I realised there were a few differences, so I thought why not do another one this year, and after all, these are my fave posts to read, cause I am bit of a nosey Nora and love seeing how people decorate for Christmas.

First of all, let’s start with the living room. We have the fireplace which you’ll have seen in my ‘styling a fireplace’ post, you can read more about how I’ve decorated it and where everything if from in that post. I love how it looks though, and I love having a fireplace to decorate!

Then we have the tree, the star of the show. I really want to get one of those snowy trees at some point, as I swear our tree seems to be really dark this year. Very strange.

Anyways, it’s from B&Q from a couple of years ago, the lights are from Wilko’s and the baubles are a mix from places like : The Range, Charlie’s, Next, Debenhams, Primark, Homesense and The White Company.

We also have a mix of baubles that are gifts, and ones we’ve picked up such as this poodle decoration from Liberty London, and some things I picked up from Nuremberg last year.

I’m always burning Christmas candles, and you guys know that I am obsessed with my Yankee Candle wax burner, I would 100% recommend getting one, as the wax melts are so well scented and last for ages. I usually have a Christmas scent burning away, my current fave is Spiced Orange. So good!

On the windowsill, I have this little sign from Wilkos, which I got last year. I’ve also got this amazing reed diffuser from Next, which not only smells amazing (it smells like Next which I always love the smell of when I walk in) but how nice does it look? I love it.

Then talking of Next, I have this Next garland going up the stairs, and a little elf which my little sister and brother bought Frankie last year.

Henry joked how for 11 months of the year, I like the house to be all minimalistic and then as soon as Christmas rolls around, I’m like ‘let’s put stuff everywhere!!’

I’ve tried to make the sofa a little more Christmassy and cosy, by adding a few new blankets, such as this grey pom pom one from Sainsbury’s and this pink one from Primark. I also picked up this cute cushion from Matalan for just £4 this week, I love it! I’ve been after a cushion like this for ages!

Then we move on to the dining room.

You’ve seen how I’m decorating the table for Christmas day, but for everyday, I have the Next garland going across it, and then I’ve put some Christmas Pot Purri from Wilko’s (which smells insane btw) in the Next trifle dish, and I think it looks really nice.

Then we have the bar cart, which I’ve made a bit more Christmassy with a garland, Christmas straws, and taking out the summery accessories and alcohol. I love our bar cart, and it’s one of my fave things in the house.

Some of the accessories I have on the bar cart are these star drink stirrers, straws and napkins all from Ginger Ray. 

Some edible stars & glitter for drinks on Christmas day. 

We also have this big light box which I like to put quotes from our fave Christmas films on, as you can see, my choice of the moment is one from Home Alone.

So there we have it, our Christmassy house, the rest of the house isn’t too Christmassy at all, I don’t really have any Christmas bedding, so the bedroom is all normal. But we spend most of our time downstairs and I love how cosy the house looks and feels ATM.

Let me know how you’ve decorated your house for Christmas, and if you’ve done a post, leave me a link as I love reading these kind of posts!

Anyways, I’m off now, have a lovely day 🙂