My Fave Christmas Things

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I saw this post on Marianna’s blog, which is and has been one of my faves for years, and years. Anyways, I was reading her blog, as you do, and I was feeling a bit stuck for my next Blogmas post idea. I was going through my list of post ideas and nothing was striking me with inspiration. TBH I have no idea how my Blogmas is going, I kinda feel a little disheartened with things, well I don’t know if disheartened is the right word, but I don’t know, I just don’t feel like anyone’s reading them, and I don’t know if they’re boring and un-original, and I just feel a bit like I’m not sure if they’re interesting.

Agh I’m waffling.

Anyways, sorry to be a Debbie downer, so anyways, you get my drift, I was feeling uninspired. Then I read this post on Marianna’s blog and thought, ‘what a lovely idea.’ I am totally ripping it off, but full credit goes to her, and I thought it was a cute idea, and it actually made me want to blog, so I thought I’d go with it.

So here is a list of my fave things about Christmas, and I’d love to hear your top 5’s too. So let’s begin …


1. Elf 

2. Love Actually 

3. The Holiday

4. Home Alone 2

5. The Grinch


1. All I Want For Christmas : Mariah Carey 

2. Last Christmas : Wham 

3. Christmas Wish : Britney Spears 

4. Rockin’ Round The Christmas Tree : Brenda Lee

5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) : Michael Buble

Christmas Food 

1. Pigs In Blankets

2. Stuffing

3. Roast Potatoes (not necessarily a Christmas food but you get my drift) 

4. Cheese and Crackers

5. Sausage Plait

Christmas Snacks

1. Terry’s Chocolate Orange 

2. Matchmakers

3. Toblerone
4. Quality Street

5. Pringles (Pigs in Blanket flavour) 

Fave Things To Do At Christmas 

1. Cosy afternoons watching Christmas films 

2. Spending time with family and giving them presents 

3. Decorating the house 

4. Visiting Christmas Markets

5. Christmas Shopping 

Things I Look Forward To At Christmas 

1. Eating Christmas Dinner 

2. Giving Presents Out To My Family 

3. Spending time with family 

4. Having a good chill 

5. The House being all decorated 

Let me know your faves for all these too, as I’d love to know 🙂 


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