How I’ve Got On With My First Week Of Being A Vegan

Veganuary, Vegan, Vegan diet, Vegan recipes

I’ve been thinking about going vegan for a while.

It was for a few reasons that I wanted to make this change, but it’s mainly because I wanted to stop eating animals. I’ve never really thought too much about meat before, but my views have changed ever since we got our dog Frankie. I was never really an animal person before we got him, but now we’ve had him in our life, I’ve realised that animals have feelings and emotions just like humans.

To us, Frank is part of our family. He has a personality (even though he can’t speak) and I realised that if dogs are like this, then every animal is also like this. I suddenly saw meat in a different way. I also started to see more coverage of the dairy and meat industry which shocked me, and one of the final straws was seeing an Instagram post about a pig going to slaughter and the caption was talking about bacon. The post made me cry. I had a pack of bacon in the fridge and it made me feel guilty, and when I cooked the bacon – I could barely touch it. So I decided that in January, I’d try being a vegan for the month to see how I got on. I then found out that this is actually a thing called Veganuary, so I signed up and well here we are.

I thought I’d blog about my vegan month, and do weekly updates about how I’m finding it, as this is a huge lifestyle change. I used to eat a fair bit of meat and cheese, and going vegan means you have to rethink everything. I can totally understand why veganism isn’t for everyone.

I haven’t decided if I’ll stay full vegan once January is over, I think I will probably be vegetarian, but I guess quite selfishly/hypocritically there are things that I think about and wonder if I could give them up forever – i.e pizza, halloumi, burgers and dairy milk chocolate. I know I’m a total hypocrite, but who knows, maybe I will commit to this fully. But we’ll see.

Anyways, I’m a week in, and I’ve found the past week not too bad at all. It’s been quite easy and I’ve stuck to it really well. Today, I thought I’d share some of my fave meals I’ve cooked, some vegan alternatives which I’ve found better than the non vegan stuff and some people to follow for Vegan inspo.

So let’s start with meals :

After a bit of a rocky start and my food shopping planning not being very organised, I wasn’t very inventive for the first part of the week. However, I have been experimenting a bit more the past few days. I’ve enjoyed making :

Lentil Bolognese: I cook this quite often so this isn’t something that is new to me, but it’s one of my fave meals. I tend to cook red lentils, make a Bolognese sauce (tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, veg stock (I’ve got Kallo as that’s vegan) garlic and some balsamic vinegar) then wholewheat spaghetti. It’s really easy to make and so filling!

Quorn Fajitas : I bought some BBQ Quorn strips which I used in fajitas this week, and they were so nice! I enjoyed them more than chicken ( I have a weird phobia of raw chicken) I did these with cooked peppers and onions, then added some red pepper humous to the wrap with salad and it was so good! I did chicken for Henry as he has no interest in stopping eating meat, and this was an easy dish to do for both of us.

Black Bean Chilli : Okay so I totally stole the idea for this meal from Sophie (follow her Instagram for vegan inspo!) but it was a really nice and warming dinner. I made a tortilla bowl and then used black beans, tinned tomatoes, garlic and chilli powder and it made an almost chilli/chilli soup. It was really nice and filling, I couldn’t be bothered to cook rice, but next time I’ll do it with rice as I think that would taste even better!

Veganuary, Vegan, Vegan diet, Vegan recipes

Vegan Alternatives That I’ve Loved :

iChoc Chocolate : My sister bought me lots of vegan alternatives for Christmas and she got me some iChoc chocolate bars which I have absolutely loved. She got them from a shop in Manchester, but you can get them online. The white nougat bar was seriously amazing, and it reminded me of Toblerone. I loved both flavours though and I may have got a bit too over excited and have now finished both bars 🙁 I miss them already haha!

Best Surprise Vegan Product:

Pringles : I was a bit gutted when the 1st of January approached and I realised I hadn’t ate a lot of the Christmas snacks that I got us for over the festive period. But I was so happy to see that Texas BBQ Pringles are vegan as I had a tube in the cupboard! I’ve been following Accidentally Vegan on Instagram to find out more about surprising vegan products, but Pringles were a good find!!

Recipe Ideas :

I’ve found that I’ve been getting a lot of recipe inspo from Instagram, but I’ve also been going through some recipe books too. I have two vegan cookbooks ; one is called ‘But I could never go Vegan‘ which my sister got me for Christmas, in which I’ve saved loads of recipes. Then Henry surprised me at the weekend with the Lucy Watson cookbook ‘Feed Me Vegan’ which has some amazing looking recipes too. I think this week, I will try some of the recipes, but they have both given me lots of inspo.

Best People To Follow On Instagram For Vegan Inspo:

Empowered by Sophie : Sophie is a fitness instructor at my gym, and as well as following her for fitness inspo (she does the best classes) her instagram has also been giving me major vegan inspo. She posts her meals and has some really good ideas. I’ve screenshotted loads of her Instagram stories for future reference!

Lucy Watson : I’ve got Lucy’s book, but also love following her on Instagram, not only is she an absoulte babe but she posts fitness videos and vegan food ideas which you can find in her book.

Accidentally Vegan UK: The best instagram feed for finding vegan products that you never knew were vegan.

How I’m Feeling/Finding Being A Vegan:

Well we’re only a week in, so it’s pretty early days, but I have to say I’m actually really enjoying things so far. I’m enjoying experimenting, and I feel so much better already, I mean could that be possible? I feel cleaner if that makes sense and more energetic, but who knows whether this is actually from going vegan. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I have no idea if I’ve going to be a vegan when I finish, as I’m slightly missing cheese. But we’ll see. I’ve only had one moment of really wanting something not vegan and that was on Sunday afternoon when Henry was watching the football with a Cadbury’s selection box and all I wanted was some dairy milk but I couldn’t. I went and had an orange instead -yay. But that’s been the only time, I felt like I was missing out.

But I’m excited to keep trying things out and I’ll update you again over the next couple of weeks.

I would love to know if you’re trying Veganuary or if you are vegan- if so, let me know your fave recipes, instagrammers, etc…

Right for now, I will go, see you soon!


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